Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I doubt anyone has noticed my absence, but here I am.. ready to conquer the world! Or the tiny space I have staked my name on, at least.

Shah Rukh is as busy as ever. You know how he always says he's 2 days late? Well, I feel as if I'm always 7 days behind him. By the time I get to watch on youtube the programs he's participated in, he's already moved on to something else. And he's very good at putting the past firmly where it needs to be. THE PAST.

Anyway, I may be back... but I doubt I can be as bubbly and babbling as before. Real life intrudes and this time in a major way, which was the reason why I closed the blog down sometime ago. Not that anyone realised it *cough*

It's a surreal place with Shah Rukh tweeting directly into my twittbox almost everyday. If you haven't become his 'follower' (man, I hate that word. I feel like I'm in some kinda cult..or something) you'd better start now. And with that, I'm off for the week! See you guys in the wonderful world of twitter!

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