Monday, November 8, 2010

[Interview] Coffee Prince - Gong Yoo (with Eng sub)

I take back my words. After finishing all his movies and a 16-ep drama in 3 days, I can't lie and say I still don't find him attractive. Especially after watching him walking around like that on my monitor at about 1am this morning...

Sue me for being shallow.. but hey, Gong Yoo said this kind of body is his way of "showing courtesy to the viewers". Emmm... so I'm a viewer... hehe.

Fresh out of the army, he needs to work hard at getting his muscles again. But staring at him slinking around the furniture in one scene after another, I've decided that his is my ideal body type.

Anyway. Excuses, excuses. To heck with excuses. Gong Yoo is Gong Yoo. I would stare unblinkingly at the screen anytime he appears in whatever role he's playing.. ideal body type or no.

I've been up until the wee hours of the morning for 2 days straight to finish that drama. And that beach scene is like a thank you note to me for sticking with it to the end. The story is similar to a lot of family dramas I've watched before, but Seo Gun is a guy so full of contradictions that he manages to keep me interested in the cliched plot.
I really love the way Gong Yoo assays his characters. I feel empathy for every one of them. Even his very brief cameo in Mr. GAM is magnetic.

Quiz time: What is the title of the drama with that beach scene above? (lalalala)

I can't find many interviews of him on youtube. These are the only subbed ones I can find. I still find his face startlingly disturbing in a rather fascinating sorta way. It's a face that can be used to fit any role, really. But to tell you the truth.. I like it best when it's showing cute and lovable expressions.. ♥

My most favourite Gong Yoo's character so far? Do you need to ask? It's Choi Han Kyul, of course! ♥♥♥

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