Friday, November 5, 2010

[Uploaded Movie] My Tutor Friend - Gong Yoo

Okay.. fine! So he's not the lead and I still enjoyed the movie anyway.. so what?

In fact his part is so small in this movie and Jang-soo is such a ridiculous guy (although I do think he's the cutest jjang in a korean movie evar) that I would have left midway if some scenes had not made me laugh so hard I nearly peed in my pants (good thing I was wearing a dress) that I was compelled to finish it anyway.

Who's the main actors? Lemme check..'s Kwon Sang-Woo and Kim Ha-Neul. Ermmm, hu dat? I'm such a noob. The guy fights like a pro.. he must have had some martial arts training, like Lee Jun Ki. Can't find info on that though.

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