Wednesday, November 3, 2010

[Uploaded movie] She's On Duty - Gong Yoo

This was the movie I was watching when I should be doing my school work.. meh. I'm bad at following deadlines.

Gong Yoo is not my type (i.e. I don't feel like looking up his interview,talk show,non-movie/drama-related clips) and yet watching him act makes me go all gooey inside. What is this reaction? The guy is dangerous. He's gonna make me hunt down all his old works. What am I saying? I'm already doing that... *facepalm*


I'm quite peeved that they cut out a key scene from the movie. It's that kiss scene on the stairs. What? A kiss scene is not a key scene? When it comes to Gong Yoo, every scene becomes a key scene.. ok. Well, at least we got a preview of it in that fanvideo I pasted in this blog earlier. *ish still sulking*

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