Wednesday, November 17, 2010

[Uploaded movie] Antique Bakery - Kim Jae Wook & Joo Ji Hoon

The yaoi treatment is getting the glorious place it deserves in this movie, a far cry from the shabby treatment given to it by its japanese counterpart. Trust the koreans to adapt a manga story faithfully. Why is it that they understand how a manga should be adapted better than the people from the country where the manga comes from? I feel this way about Hana Yori Dango (Boys Over Flowers) and Itazura na Kiss (Playful Kiss) as well. The korean adaptations are light years more interesting than the japanese ones.

Anyway, I think getting Andy Gillet to play Jean-Baptise Evan is such an acting coup. I looked up Andy Gillet on youtube. There're quite a few of his clips lying around. With his impossibly long eyebrows that stretch the length of his face and his hooded eyes that can haunt you every time he throws a look, he reminds me of Lee Williams. He's a model too. I doubt I'll be watching french movies any time soon coz I don't think I can be that obsessed with a european actor, but he's pretty cool.

I completely believe in the Seon Woo-Jean pairing, they look so natural together. Especially the scene with them in just their underwear *cough*. And every time they kiss, there's not even a hint of "we're just acting, get this take over with" in the way they respond to each other. Kim Jae Wook.. I'm hunting down all your works later. Do you know he's also in a band as vocal AND guitar? He plays the piano too btw..*ish besotted* ..I want to wait until Mary finishes before watching it coz I don't think I can follow it every week the way I followed Playful Kiss.. ^^;

And how good is Ji Hoon in the role of Jin Hyuk? He's so energetic and all over the place. I feel like watching the movie several times just to catch all his actions. I dunno why he's not been in more dramas and movies with that much talent. This is why, unlike other fans, I never complain about my favourite celebrities being workaholics and fainting everywhere. As much as I care about them, I want them to continue working so I can look up their never-ending supply of works anytime I want. I'm missing Gong Yoo so much now. I wish he'd be in more dramas. Maybe I should start re-watching Coffee Prince. And I want to buy Biscuit Teacher CD if I can find it in any store. The Veoh uploaded clips drive me nuts when they start jumbling up the scenes. It's a good thing that my brain is wired weirdly so I could still enjoy it.

...errrrrmmm, where was I? O yeah.. Antique Bakery.. *cough*

If you've watched the japanese drama, don't think that it's anything like that. It's much more exciting and in fact made me want to look up all the works by its director, Min Gyu-Dong. I wish there would be a sequel so I can see Jin Hyuk being willingly molested by Seon Woo. I think Jin Hyuk is already head over heels in lust with Seon Woo but being a hetero, he needs to be "convinced" before he can accept his change in taste. I'm perfectly alright with heteros being turned to homos in fiction. In real life where we are held responsible for the consequences of our actions, it's another matter altogether.

I highly recommend it! If you haven't watched it already.. go and have a look ~~

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