Saturday, November 13, 2010

[Drama] Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy a.k.a. Hello My Teacher - Gong Yoo

The more I watch his dramas/movies.. the more dramas/movies of his I want to watch. As much as I love my other guys (Lee Jun Ki, Kang Dong Won, Tamaki Hiroshi and the list goes on), I usually only like some of the characters they play.. not all. Gong Yoo is the first actor whom I like in all the roles he has played no matter how small and brief and dialogue-less. The more I watch Gong Yoo on my screen, the more on-screen Gong Yoo I want to see.

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What do I like the most about Gong Yoo? It's the responses he shows in front of the woman he loves. Well, not in real life since I know nothing about that. But on the screen. No matter what role he plays, no matter what the scene is about.. I always feel that the responses he's showing are how the character he plays would actually show if he were a real person instead of a fictional guy. Everything is so spot on. I melt.

And I love his hands. I think this is the first time I'm obsessed with a guy's hands. I rewind some scenes in some drama/movies several times just because the cameras were showing his hands. Hands.. fingers.. palms.. knuckles.. how can a macho-looking guy have such beautiful, feminine hands? They look fragile and precious.. as if he keeps them in gloves most of the times.

But I think what really drives me crazy is his voice. Maybe because I didn't expect that it can move me. How can a guy move me with his on-screen performances AND move me with his singing voice EVERY TIME?? It's simply unthinkable.. until I heard him sing. Have you heard him sing? People who've been complaining about Gong Yoo.. that actors should just leave singing to singers.. must have not heard him sing before. Want a sample? There're quite a few on youtube, but I love love love this one the best. It's more of a doraebang, really. But it's lovely.

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  1. I know as an actor,I love him too, he is a complete package... He give all of him in every performance and that is wonderful!!!

    *I watched him in Coffee Prince and he shock me with his performance. When he grab her in front of the apartment, I was literally choking and gasping for air...
    *In Antique Bakery (the movie) totally different and love his cocky character.
    *I'm watching Hello My Teacher/Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy when he is trapped with the teacher on the gown closet and start to cry...OMG I choked again...

    He have the ability to make me feel his pain and that is a marvelous ability, not every actor can do that!!!