Wednesday, November 17, 2010

He's coming here next month!!! \(^o^)/

Can you believe that?? I literally shrieked and jumped around when I first stumbled on the news!! Then spazzed about it to hubby... (so glad he's so into BOF now coz I can talk about hyung to him anytime I want.. hehe *happy wife*)

He is set to make a two-day visit to Malaysia (as part of his Asia Tour) on Dec 4 and 5 and this will make it his third time visiting our country. What is it about Malaysia that hyung has been here so many times? Not that I'm complaining. Compare that to Gackt who doesn't even want to acknowledge places other than Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, European countries, and the US of A.. I'm ecstatic that at least one of my harem guys know we exist. Actually two.. coz Shah Rukh has been here many times too. I miss him. When is Ra-One coming out?

Who's going? I don't think I can be one of the lucky winners to get in and obtain his autograph but I do want to be in the same building as he is when he's visiting. Must scout the perimeter of this strange and unexplored area called the Pavillion.. get to know the entrances and exits, find out where he'll be holding court, etc. Must I do this alone? I wish I have a partner-in-crime. Dang. None of my friends is obsessed with Kim Hyun Joong enough to be a Stalkers UNITE! member alongside me.

Rather than look up the various blogs and news site to find out about the event, I suggest you look up the official The Face Shop facebook. You'll less likely to be led astray and you can contact them in case there are further inquiries. But jakamman yo.. what is this 'fan gathering event' about? Who's organizing it? Do we have to get tickets for it or something? The announcement is quite vague.

I've been using this low profile, not very popular internationally, nice product that I'm into simply because of its name. I like its name so I became a regular customer.. hehe. I wonder if I have to switch to The Face Shop now. For a > RM50 purchase, I need to think about this carefully. I don't want to get into a product I'm not gonna use later. Anyway, I leave you with hyung's lovely countenance to whet your appetite while waiting for D'days to arrive.

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