Thursday, November 4, 2010

Gackt sings Japanese national anthem " Kimi Ga Yo" live

Reading about hyung singing in the coming Asian Games made me go look up Gackt's Kimi Gayo clip again for the umpteenth time. And I found that he sang at another event!

Oh, why do I bother fighting this lingering attraction when I'm still squealing at the sight of Gackt in glasses singing his national anthem in the middle of a boxing ring. He's so random. How can I not continue to be obsessed?

This sudden spate of Gackt-clip sighting (after abandoning him for nearly 2 years.. sorry Gackt-sama.. o yeah, and I'm totally not gonna type your name in capitals.. so there!) must have been spurred by the news that these two guys are going to be on the same stage together at the end of this year. That's still confirmed, right? No one is pulling out at the last minute or anything, right?

I hope those two get interviewed together so we can judge who's the King of 4D between them (me ish betting on Gaku.. LOL)

Gackt being his usual superior-ly random self:

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