Friday, November 5, 2010

[Uploaded Movie] Superstar Mr. Gam - Gong Yoo

He was only a cameo in this movie, but since I was watching it because of him.. I'm putting his name up there.. ha! Any complaints? Take em' to the bridge ~~~~

It started out simple enough, just another sports movie. To tell the truth, I hate sports movies. They get romanticized so much. I have no idea why a ball, any ball, gets idolized to the point of frenzy. But seeing that I was screaming encouragements to Mr. GAM and his team by the end of their game to the OB Bears with no regard whatsoever for my poor neighbours.. there must be something to all the craziness after all.

I'm not into team games, heck.. I'm not into games period. I can't bear to win, and I hate to lose. What does that tell you about me? It tells you squat, that's what it does. But when I support a team, I will give absolute loyalty. As long as they give me a good spirited game, winning or losing.. I will still cheer for them to the end. (YOU HEAR THAT KOLKATA KNIGHT RIDERS??? Grrrrrr... should I still put my faith in you come next year?? *sulks*)

Somehow, Gong Yoo looks the most handsome to me in this movie.. despite not having a dialogue, despite appearing so briefly, despite being a rival to the main character.. he just draws people in, doesn't he? Gong Yoo.. I'm sure your fans missed you so much during your 2-year army stint. Can I now be your fan too? I'm sure glad I entered your universe the year after you were released from your military duty so I don't have to wait so long. Daebak! (you're out here and Jun Ki's in there.. ish like you guys changed place or something.. o wellz)

I wish I can find something in my life I want to fight that hard for. I was such a coward for letting elders run my life.. but I'm growing older too year by year. I've got myself in a situation I can't get out of at the moment, but once I'm out.. I think I should start planning. At this stage of my life, is it too late? My grandma was already dead when she was a year younger than I am now. Somehow, that sorta thing puts life in perspective for ya.. doesn't it?

Aaaaaaaaa... am I supposed to feel accomplished now that I've finished all Gong Yoo's movies in one day, when I should have been studying my butts off? O wait.. except for Ryu Ga Gotoku coz I still can't find that one. Japan and its stingy copyright regulations.. gah! Anyway, all that's left now are his dramas.. LOL.

Geh.. I suck at reviewing movies. It's worth watching, ish Mr. GAM. I think the guy is still alive.. if he is, I think he'd be 53 years old this year. I looked up the team and it did have a rather horrible history where wins are concerned. But underdog teams always make for a more interesting story.

Links on Sammi Superstars if you're interested to know more on the background of this movie:  

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  1. To help you with Rya Ya Gotoku, youtube has Gong Yoo cuts. meaning, his entire screen time. Except no subs. Don't leave this one out, finish it all.

    Besides, I agree, he looks the best in Glam :)