Wednesday, November 3, 2010

[Preview] Psychic - Kang Dong Won

It's the Woo Chi guy!

Why is it that the guys I like all go to the army the moment I want to follow more of their current works??

Anyway, have a look at this trailer. After Woo Chi, I have absolute faith that Kang Dong-won will not do a movie if the script is not a fun one and this one looks like fun overload.. exploding glass, a school of fish dancing to his will, mass of zombie-like people ready to do his bidding at the drop of a hat.. can't wait to watch it!

And what's this?? It appears that another of his movie was released after Woo Chi and I didn't know anything about it! Wonder if the DVD's already out. I hate watching movies in a cinema.. feel so suffocated and restrained to watch a movie that has someone I like while perching on a strange sofa surrounded by strangers. I can't shout, pause, rewind, dance, curse, eat instant ramen, etc. during the viewing. Dem frustrating. Would rather wait for the DVD even though that usually takes awhile.

oh wait! ..what's this?? The clip's already out in youtube!! ROFL.. I'll paste that movie in my next post then.

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