Wednesday, November 3, 2010

[Blast from the Past] YoungSaeng & HyunJoong - SS501 singing "Must Have Been Love" Live

I'm disabling my home net starting today. Aaaaaah, why do I feel that even this method will not work too. My deadlines... T___T

Anyway, please enjoy their singing. Listening to "One More Time" in the PK OST CD I just got and comparing it to this clip (and other SS501 songs), I think hyung's voice has become more mature and tender. My feeling about his voice is he's become more "yasashi" and confident, less hurried, more content with his ability.. something like that.. (hehe)

Kim Hyun Joong hyung-nim, we await your solo album with much anticipation! (rock song~~~ guitar feature~~~ *cheers*)

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