Thursday, November 18, 2010

[Update] Kim Hyun Joong 191110

  • Baby and his teasing has landed Leader in trouble.. again.. :P  (link)
Well, there's a reason why hyung is the leader, other than him being the oldest. It's because he's the best at damage control in SS501, and his differently wired brain is so logical that he'll find a way out of the stickiest situations (I've seen him did it several times in interviews). Luck only does not explain how he managed to be under so many spotlights in his career (WGM, BOF, PK, Guanzhou Asian Games.. to name a few). Do you honestly think that were it someone else occupying the places he'd been, they would be loved and recognized as he is now? Maybe yes, but we'll never know now, will we? Coz it's in THE PAST! So stop bludgeoning him to death just coz he's the most popular SS501 member (let's just accept that, shall we?). Chill out everyone! Why must fans make it into a Baby vs. Leader issue? Meh. I don't get it. Anyway, since they're not in the same agency, I think each of them must take care of what he is saying to the press or even in tweets. I doubt any of us want there to be bickering factions in the Triple S camp. Love any member you want more than the other four, and let us all be happy in our differences.. kay?

And another thing.. why must Leader attend every party given out by the members? Do you think he can cut his body into a few pieces so he can be everywhere at the same time? Even Park Jung Min said he didn't have time to watch Mischievous Kiss..  these are very busy people with schedules dictated by their agencies. They don't even have time to rest or eat or sleep sometimes. I don't care what the media is saying about them coz Leader has stated once that "the media is their anti" (hehe), but us fans.. we should be more understanding and gentle towards the boys coz we love them, right? So stop with the accusations already.
  • Hyun Joong SuNeng's Message 11.18.10 (link)
I wish someone said the things hyung said to students to me when I was studying in high school. I might steer my life in a more concrete direction, instead of meandering all over the places our elders want me to go. I hope my younger siblings will be able to choose the kind of life they want to live without interferences from anyone, unlike their older siblings. For someone so young like hyung, to be able to fight so strongly for the life he wants to carve for himself, it's really amazing. Hyung-chama saikou da!
  • Hyun Joong won the Popularity Award @ 2010 Style Icon Award (link, link)
    I read somewhere that the white corsage is for Andre Kim.
    • I knew it.. it's an alien suit~~~ (link)
    The cloth material was made up of metal components!! The MVIO’s marketing team Bang Geon Hyeok said hyung personally delegated the making of the suit himself.. ha! (kekeke)
    • Mischievous Kiss is officially finished! T___T (link) and the DVD pre-order is already up on Yesasia. I'm buying it so I have to start saving from now on (link)

    On some unrelated news.. I miss Gong Yoo and wish that his updates are as fast and varied as hyung's are *sulks*. Kang Dong Won is going off to the millitary (link) *waaaaaaa* ...but a few celebrities are coming back (link) although I dunno anyone of them.. geh. Athena is getting all sorts of wonderful hype but I won't likely watch it coz I hate violent stories, so no update from me on that drama, and the only reason I'm looking up the link is because of that "Amazing Hyun-Joong Effect" explanation they gave in one of the paragraphs (link). Oh, and Hwangbo looks hawt by the way (link)


    1. Thanks for the info and links. I love every single one of SS501 members. They each are so adorable in their own way. But KHJ is that fascinates me the most!

    2. I think had I known SS501 first, I'd probably like Park Jung Min more coz he's the most extrovert member in the group.. and coz I don't like to get into hyped-up personalities (and KHJ is the most hyped-up of them all in the media).

      But I love KHJ the most coz I knew him first in BOF and then after WGM, I'm a goner.. LOL. I doubt I can find anyone as interesting as KHJ twice in my lifetime so I'm holding onto him as long as I can possibly can.. :P