Friday, November 5, 2010

[Uploaded Movie] Ryu Ga Gotoku (Yakuza) - Gong Yoo Cut

Good luck trying to understand Korean by reading Japanese characters.. ha! Ish like trying to understand Latin by reading hieroglyphics. I did get some of the hiragana, katakana and very VERY simple kanji deciphered though. Wish it's subbed in English instead.. *pouts*

Didn't I say someone out there really love Gong Yoo? I couldn't find the movie on youtube, but I found his cut. Since I only want to see him in it, I guess it has to be enough for me. I can't be bothered to find and download the whole thing coz I hate mafia movies.

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MOVIE龍が如く gong yoo CUT 1

MOVIE龍が如く gong yoo CUT 2

MOVIE龍が如く gong yoo CUT 3

Was thinking perhaps he'd have some fight scenes in it, like he did in "She's On Duty".. but no luck. He's a sniper.. an assassin role, then? I think he deliberately made Park Chul moves in a kinda slow-mo movements to emphasize his deadly character. And it worked.. for me, at least. When Park Chul is mixing the drinks at the bar, I half-expected him to suddenly brandish an automatic and shoot everyone there.. eeeep.

Tried to watch some of his subbed interviews and it confirmed one thing.. I only love Gong Yoo in movies/dramas. My "Gong Yoo's movie/drama marathon" is like hunting down all the manga by my favourite mangaka.. sono kanji dake wa sono kanji. Gomen nasai, Gong Yoo-san. But that means you have to give me your new works as soon as possible so I can enjoy you again.. kay. Looking forward to it.. aja! aja! hwaiting! ♥

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