Friday, November 5, 2010

[Uploaded Movie] S Diary - Gong Yoo

I can't believe I've been watching Gong Yoo since this morning. One more movie and that's his complete filmography (movies) I've been devouring today. And they're all available on Youtube. Someone out there must really love this guy.. it's like a concerted effort to get his work out to the public.. or something.

Despite being one of the 3 important male roles, I think his is the most colourful one.. and the cutest (although I think the priest guy is cute too..hehe). Of course it helps that his character is also the youngest and therefore the most boisterous and playful.

What happens to the 4th guy, huh? He's let off the hook just coz he's the one urging her to look up her previous lovers? Watching the movie, I first thought her lovers were all bastards.. but the scene before the credit roll changed my mind.

I guess what makes love the most explored subject in arts and literature is its subjective nature. From a different point of view, it shows us a different face.. like a kaleidoscope, ever changing and amazingly mesmerizing whichever way it turns.

For me, I've always thought love is overrated in the movies. As if the majority of us humans can't live without having lovers/significant others waiting for us at home when we get off work or whatever it is we do every day. Love can't put food on the table. Love can't save you when you're about to get fired. Love can't give you direction when you're lost in the middle of a forest on a moonless night.

But love sure makes a hard life seem more tolerable.. and even fun. Most times, anyway.

Despite the snog fest that has Gong Yoo plastered all over the studio room (yeay~), the moment when I thought.. "Woah, sekshii da! Omo, why do I suddenly think he's sexy??" ..was actually the scene with him dancing in the club wearing (what looks like) a white (cotton?) vest with his (cardigan? sweater?) jacket off one shoulder.

His drama that I really want to watch but can't find is 'Hello My Teacher'. Correction. I found it, but Tudou is being a bish today. Or maybe that's just how Tudou is. *kicks it*

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