Monday, November 29, 2010

[Uploaded Drama] You're Beautiful - Jang Geun Suk

What have I been doing? You won't want to know. Work stuff.. bla bla bla.. meh

But I did manage to catch up on my k-movies (more on this later if I'm not too lazy to write about it) and k-drama. After I've finished hunting down all Gong Yoo's works, I'm onto Jang Geun Suk now. I heard of Beethoven Virus around the time I was crazy in love with Nodame Cantabile, so as much as I wanted to watch it.. I refrained coz I didn't want to clog my puny brain with too much classical whateva.

Then all those A.N.Jell clips cropped up on youtube. And since I hate to get into hyped up stuff, I just ignored it. Who cares about this Jang Geun Suk guy anyway? Pretty guys turn me off.. gah!

...heh, who am I kidding?

After days of sulking over Gong Yoo's meager updates, I decided to look up You're Beautiful coz I like all those cross-dressing shiz (yes, I'm still hung up over Coffee Prince). My impression of Jang Geun Suk throughout the drama?
  • He's too heavily made-up.. his face looks line-less like a mannequin. Why didn't he get the nickname "Walking Statue" like KHJ hyung-nim got in BOF?
  • He looks short for a guy who stands at 182cm 
  • He walks with a hunch.. hmm, do all pretty guys walk with a hunch? Gackt always appears hunched.. Kim Jae Wook too. I wonder if it has anything to do with them trying to appear more manly. They can save all the trouble coz it doesn't work. They still look prettier than most female models I've seen on TV. Were I a guy, I agree with what Kim Jin Hyeok's friends said in Antique Bakery.. if I had to choose between ugly girls and someone as pretty as Min Seon Woo, I'd choose Min Seon Woo without hesitation. I wish my work place has its share of pretty guys too. It's like a desert there...
  • He's too cute for his own good, not that I'm complaining
  • He's younger than KHJ hyung-nim?? I thought he's older by at least 2 years. I wonder why I think that. It must  have been all those intense stares Hwang Tae Kyung gives to everyone around him. Despite looking smaller than Shin Woo, he deserves to be called hyung-nim in that drama. Hwang Tae Kyung is charismatic like woah~
Anyway, in terms of story review.. it just affirms my belief that parents can really mess up the lives of their children. Seriously, if all they do is make their children's lives miserable, why did they give birth in the first place? Do they think that because they nearly died delivering us into this big bad world that none of us have a clue as to why we're to be brought into it in the first place.. we owe them our lives until the end of time?

Delusional psycho biatch... that's what I called Mo Hwa Ran. Why is it that when it's the parents committing all sorts of unspeakable acts, the children must always forgive them.. but if it's the other way around, the children get kicked out of the house, disinherited, spoken of to everyone as if they're evil beings? That person who says how a parent's love is unconditional must have been an orphan... or a very forgetful person... or maybe he/she was just clueless about what 'unconditional' actually means.

I don't get parents. I really don't. I've known them my whole life (obviously) and I still can't understand them.

I like Park Shin Hye's character, although I do think the whole set-up feels more like an anime than a live action. My favourite character has to be the Sachou.. JACKPOT!! (lol). I like the way Hwang Tae Kyung will call out "Go Mi Nam" in almost exactly the same tone no matter how urgent the matter that he wants to say is.. I thought it was really funny. I just love how Jang Geun Suk infused Hwang Tae Kyung with several unforgettable quirks that get under people's skin (well, mine anyway). He's brilliant.

Shin Woo reminds me of Yoon Ji Hoo. He even sings a song with a line.. "Because I'm a fool.." which reminds me immediately of "Because I'm Stupid". And I'm not the only who thinks these two characters are similar..

I didn't fall in love with Jang Geun Suk at first sight though.. a pre-requisite for a lifelong obsession. Hmmm, but it wasn't love at first sight with Gong Yoo either.. and I'm obsessed with the guy. Wait.. it was love at first listen with Gong Yoo's voice. That must count for something.

Anyway, here's a link to the drama for anyone who's interested to look it up. Sorry, can't embed it. The story is fun, and although the plot is riddled with cliches, everything is tied up so nicely that, by the time Hwang Tae Kyung sang that song for Go Mi Nyu in the last episode, I found myself thinking.. "so this is how a good story is written".

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