Saturday, November 6, 2010

[Update] Kim Hyun Joong 061110

  • Kim Hyun Joong violated his contract for the ‘Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games’? (link)
Seriously.. did the director for the opening ceremony think that we'll believe him over Kim Hyun Joong? What is the purpose of him expressing all this 'regret' to the media anyway? If it's a problem for them, settle it behind close doors.. why tell us that it's a contract violation? Does he want hyung's agency to pull him out of the event if the dispute gets blown out of proportion? I hate facilitators/management staff who care more about their 30 min of fame than an event they're supposed to take care of as carefully as they can. And correction. If there's any contract being violated, it'll be by the KeyEast rep coz I distinctively remember that the disclosure was done by someone from the agency and not by Kim Hyun Joong himself.

Whatever. We'll see how this one will turn out. Meanwhile...
  • This is the notice from KeyEast regarding the matter.. (link
 I'm glad hyung's transferred to KeyEast. They really take very good care of him, unlike DSP (remember the birthday debacle?). Every little or big thing that crops up and is potentially damaging to his image, the staff will swoop in with statements/explanations. When the fans expressed concern over PK's low rating and how hyung + the rest of the cast and crew are taking the bad news, Group 8 and KeyEast worked together to release still after still and making of clips that show how they're having fun filming the drama. I'm a very happy fan when I see hyung is under an efficient management. Keep up the good work, KeyEast!

Want to see further evidence of what a great agency KeyEast is for Kim Hyun Joong?
  • Tweets from KHJ Fan to CEO Shin of KeyEast (link)
How cool is that?? I bet fans will tweet to him in droves from now on hoping for a reply.. hehe
  • Kim Hyun Joong Left Message on his Kr Website (link)
Like I said.. it'd be a good while before hyung will appear in a drama (or movie) since he'll be busy in the recording studio for his solo album (and the SS501 mini album?? one can hope...). There's no way we'll forget about you just because you're not plastered all over our TV for months on end, hyung-chama. Don't worry! Have more faith in us ~~~~ ...hehe

And with his characteristic optimism, hyung is already starting to practice his mandarin song regardless of all the moronic controversy he's currently in regarding it LOL.. (me thinks it's for the Asian Games performance) Waaaaaaa! I want to listen to hyung singing in mandarin!!! Will it be included in his solo album too??

Anyway, hyung talking about his waist pain got me mumbling.. "hyung, you're such an oji-san" :P
  • Kim Hyun Joong, Joseph Cheng to Appear on Stage Together (link)
This Smile Project just keeps on giving us more and more good news. Will they come out with a DVD of the concert?? I want to buy it!!
  • YouTube version of Kim Hyun-joong "Naughty Kiss" a big hit (link)
Told ja this will be a trend in the future. I kept stumbling on complaints about the 3rd episode though. People are grumbling about the 'closed door' in the last scene.. haha. I think hyung has to act in at least one raunchy scene in one of his movies/dramas in the future.. much like what Gong Yoo had to go through in S Diary. Maybe that'll appease the masses finally.. don't you think so? :P

And because of the popularity of the youtube drama.. jeng jeng jeng ~~~~~
  • CNN to hold exclusive interview with Kim Hyun Joong on the success of ‘Playful Kiss’ (link)
*insert fangirly screaming from me* ... gyabo. Hyung is getting too big too fast. Is this a good thing? But then again, Shah Rukh has a bigger international exposure and yet he remains the same star he was when I first crushed on him in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai more than 10 years ago. I hope hyung will remain the same guy I fell in love with in WGM even 10 years from now. Meh.. who cares about looking that far ahead. I just want to savour the present. Kim Hyun Joong-hyungnim.. HWAITING!
  • Kim Hyun Joong coming to Singapore in December as ambassador for THEFACESHOP!(link)
I wish I could go.. T__T

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