Tuesday, November 30, 2010

[Upload Drama] Marry Me Mary / Mary Stayed Out All Night / M3 - Jang Geun Suk

I shouldn't have watched this drama. I really shouldn't. It's not finished airing in Korea yet and now I'm depressed. This is exactly why I should watch a drama I'm interested in only after it's completed.. arrrrgh!

Some people complained that the plots are full of holes. I sat there reading those comments thinking.. you have Kim Jae Wook and Jang Geun Suk in the same room so many times (and sometimes in the same bedroom) and you're complaining about plot holes? Are we even on the same page here?

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I think this drama has taken what I've said about parents in my previous post and blown it up to gargantuan proportions. Imagine having 3 main characters with 3 parents who run around causing all sorts of mess and havoc in their children's lives with full expectation that the children will continue to honour and cherish their parenthood, be eternally grateful for the life that they've given however horrible it is, fulfill their unfinished dreams, treat them like gods, never complain or argue or say no to whatever disgusting commands they give out.... and I think this list is still not complete coz I've only watched up to ep 5 with sub. I wonder what other appalling proposals they still have in store for their adorable offspring.

I wonder if Koreans don't have such a high opinion of parents too...

Is it just my ears or has Jang Geun Suk gained more control of his voice? Maybe because I watched You're Beautiful and M3 close to each other, I noticed that his voice is much more interesting in M3... how should I say this... the songs are more skilfully delivered? Sono kanji de. Despite liking his "What Should I do?" and "Without A Word" songs, I don't have such a good feeling towards his voice.. so I was very surprised when I heard him sing "My Precious" in M3. And when I heard this song... what can I say... it's the song I love the most (so far) in the drama.

I'm staying far far away from this drama until all the episodes are completed and subtitled. What movie/drama should I watch next? Hmmm....

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