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[Picture recap] Playful Kiss Episode 13


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  • I shall not be held accountable for your losing interest in this episode because you look up my post before you watch it. So watch episode 13 first, kay. 
  • For your information, this episode has been recapped in Dramabeans (DB) and A Koala's Playground (AKP). They have knowledge of the language, which I don't.. so you can obtain all the juicy bits on the dialogue in their sites.
If I had studied with as much focus as I watched, screen-capped and spazzed about this episode, I would have aced that paper already. Ooops, forgot to mention.. I went diving last weekend so I haven't done picture recaps on Ep 11 and 12. They're still in the works, sorry. I'll get to them, and the rest of the early episodes eventually. It's also a strategy to ease my PK withdrawal symptom.. this slowass pace I'm setting.

To the ones who've silently enjoyed my picture recaps and the ones who've commented on them, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I wonder if I can find another drama I'm this obsessed over later on. If you still want to spazz about the drama and all the popular recap sites have moved on to a new drama, you're always welcome to spazz here... at least until I've finished recapping all the episodes (wonder when that will be completed..hmmm).

Picture recap... STAAAATO!

 Seung Jo's showing us that he can make that startled-deer face just as well as Hani can.
 I like it when Seung Jo starts moving his fingers while keeping his entire pose immobile whenever he starts feeling unsure or nervous. Whenever I wanna know what he's feeling during a painful/awkward moment, I look at his fingers. They're pretty expressive.
Hera's trying hard to please Seung Jo (and perhaps also to show off in front of her grandfather) by letting him see how much she knows about his preference in food. So you've been studying him too, haven't you? I wonder, without your witty comebacks and your straight A's, how different are you from Hani? Both of you are so similar, just two women in love with the same guy.
I was pretty impressed that Seung Jo showed up at the seon and acted all polite and patient. The Baek Seung Jo of episode 1 would not have even entertained the fact that he has to marry someone he doesn't even know to save his father's company. Heck, he'd probably be too busy bumming around doing part time jobs to visit his father at the hospital. Here we can see how he's working very hard at playing the role of "Man of the House" in his father's absence, and none of us viewers seems willing to give him a pat on the back (that I think) he deserves.. poor boy.. *hug hug hug*

Granted, his ideas are perhaps more than a bit skewed. I mean, what if he and Hera were already married and the company wanted to launch another game but Hera's grandfather couldn't sponsor that one. Would they get a divorce so he can marry another heiress?? Baek Seung Jo... *shakes head*
Mommy is pretty spot-on with that expression. That was me staring at the monitor while worrying over those befuddled kids when I was watching this episode.Ah, to be young and in love and confused over the meaning of your existence. What luxury.
The IWETs in the park is like a picture straight out of a fairy tale.
Kim Hyun Joong, my Lord of the Suns is thee. I've made it my mission to capture snapshots of his sunlit profile in this drama.
Yes, yes. I'm staring.. *hinges her jaw back in*
This is a certified CF photo shoot right here. They're probably trying to get us to buy the water cooler, and I think it's working... *ish hypnotized*
He looks like a man that has just been passed his death sentence instead of an offer from a gorgeous girl to date her. I was giggling while watching the entire exchange (despite not knowing Korean). Baek Seung Jo.. you amuse me to no end.
Hera's proving to all of us that she's as capable of being clumsy in front of Baek Seung Jo as Hani is.
Hyung... looking edible in a suit. In fact, the whole episode feels like a fashion photo shoot for men's work suit. I think someone's screen-capping all the clothes hyung has worn for PK (I hope she includes that white bathrobe in the collection).
Yes, I can say Kim Hyun Joong-hyung looks good in a suit without squeeing. Oh, who am I trying to kid here. SQUEEEEE!!!
*shifty eyes, shifty eyes* ... Baek Seung Jo has never been good at lying. Too bad Hani's too wrapped up in her feelings for him to notice when he's bluffing.
Awww.. honey. I want to hug you right now. Even Eun Jo comes by with a concerned face to check up on her.
He looks so suffocated.. like he's ready to jump off a cliff here. I think this is the episode where I see how grown up Baek Seung Jo has become. Standing by his decision to help his dad out.. he has effectively pushed away his dream and the girl he wants (whom he takes for granted will still be by his side when he's ready to start a family with her one day). Adding salt to the wound is this grim reality of an impending marriage with someone he only thinks of as a good friend in order to fund a project he doesn't even have passion for. That's real life, right there. And Baek Seung Jo is shouldering all of this alone.
Hani's not understanding why things are progressing so fast and events are spinning right out of her control. Even when she's being all sad and depressed, she's still so cute. Me wants to pinch her cheeks.
Hyung has the look of a young CEO, doesn't he? Love all his scenes at the office.
What are you waiting for? Get going!
Eeeek... even an ahjussi is scared of Baek Seung Jo when he turns that 'you are so beneath me' glare on.
A message from Hera.. and what did he do right after that?
Yep, send a harassing message to Hani. Despite us (me included) feeling annoyed about Hani irritating Seung Jo by working part time at the office, I think the opposite actually happens. Seung Jo, in a roundabout way, wants Hani to be at the office serving him drinks and doing whatever he wants her to do. It's like a reverse psychology thing.. show displeasure at being stalked and sure enough it'll get her to troop along. Seung Jo is such a seme.. LOL.
Know what? Those people at the back are me on various times in the library when people don't have enough sense to set their mobile phone on silent mode... grrrrr.
Hani who has no clue that Seung Jo has just sent her a love note. He wants you to be with him at the office, Hani-ya.
Hani, as clueless as ever, is rightfully depressed. I mean, I would be too if my boss threatened to cut my salary just coz I've been skipping work.
First sentence that appears in Baek Seung Jo's genius head every morning: Where's Hani?
Date?? Fine. I'll just call up Hera and somehow make sure all four of us bump into each other later in the day. I'm brilliant enough to engineer such a coincidence.
I've never seen a guy so ecstatic that a girl says yes to dating him. You're so adorable.
Bong Jon Gu's dating list: Watching a movie. (check)
Hand-feeding her delicious love-infused food. (check)
Posing with dorky glasses. (check)

~ Btw, I want those glasses. Where can I buy them. Oh, and the chicken hoodie too. ~
I think whole-body-contact while teaching chicks this type of sports (where she needs to hit some balls in order to score) is a must in the PK syllabus.
Yes, this one too please. Can I order it from an online site?
Attack of the cute ~  ...they really look good together. I want them to get married and have cute babies.
Elders. I wish they'd stop meddling with young lives. But that's like telling them to stop breathing, isn't it?
Don't you think both of them try very hard to be cheerful in each other's presence? Contrast that to the sincerely happy Bong Joon Gu and Hani. Being simple-minded has its advantages.
Baek Seung Jo is definitely trying very hard to keep his end of the deal. But, yeah.. it feels too much like work. Of course he can just tell Hera that he's had enough, that he just can't accept her coz he's in love with someone else, but that would be irresponsible behaviour, isn't it? His father is still sick at the hospital and the company is collapsing. The only course of action available to pursue in order to put the pieces of his world back together again is to humour his sponsor's granddaughter. Like some sorta short term solution when trying to fix a broken machinery. But life is neither a machine, nor a software program. Baek Seung Jo.. your warped logic is gonna bite you in the ass later on.
Hera makes a vigorous attempt to enliven the atmosphere. Looking at them dating convinced me that even though they look perfect together, they'd bore each other to death in the space of a year. Or maybe even less than that.
Talking about work on a date?? ...already??
My father's health.. the future of his company.. depend on this deal. Must not screw up. Arrgh.. so boring! I wanna go home and harrass Hani right now ~ ~ ~
  I think the prevalent emotion he's expressing here is that of disappointment at being let down by the only girl he is so sure will never leave him (yes, he's planning to marry another but who's keeping score?).
They're obviously very attached, aren't they? The response to each other's emotion is instantaneous. Or as instantaneous as the editor allows it to be, at least.
Hera's umpteenth attempt at being a high-maintenance handbag. But seriously, Lee Shi Young and Kim Hyun Joong look really good together.. they should do a photo shoot for a magazine or something.
Obviously the encounter is not a pleasant one for everyone involved.
Even Hera was shocked at Seung Jo's mean statement. Baek Seung Jo, you've really outdone yourself this time. I thought the "one man's trash is another man's treasure" comment is bad enough... but this one takes the cake.
OHPS member #3 is rightfully pissed. Come on, Joon Gu. Sock 'im one! You know you want to ~
Seung Jo: The smile that should only be for me.. do not bestow it on anyone else!
The circle of hurt just goes on. The clueless gets off unscathed though. Ah, the bliss of being ignorant. Does it mean that the more intelligent we are, the suckier our communication with fellow humans get? Haven't we been evolving for thousands of years? Where has all the knowledge and wisdom gone? Every time a new generation rules the world, it seems as if the whole planet is reset and we're back to square one with everything.
Bong Joon Gu, this is one problem that can't be fixed with your delicious love-infused food.
Baek Seung Jo, if you weren't so beautiful I want to kiss my monitor every time you appear.. I'd knock that self-indulgent smile off your face right now. I think I get why he's always mean with Hani and pleasant with everyone else, but it's really unfair that she can't see this smiling face more often. It's really one to melt hearts and make us forgive him anything.
Why must you be 10 kilometers away from her during this proposal? Even in your bravest moment you still don't have enough confidence to truly exert yourself. How am I supposed to cheer for you now?
Hani's sleeping pattern is really random.. LOL
Must make sure she hears that I'm thinking of marrying because I really like Hera. That would hurt her a lot.. uhuh. I haven't seen those lovely tears for quite sometime now. I miss them.
What's with the cute greeting? You've just met and hurt each others' feelings awhile back.. *bonks her*
I want hyung to wear pocketless pants and jackets in his next drama. This habit of hiding his lovely hands in them in almost every episode must stop.
When Hani said she was happy dating Bong Joon Gu, Baek Seung Jo went so rigid that I thought he would whirl around and shake her violently to stop her from talking further.
Love the contrast between what they've been saying and what they're actually feeling. All the frustrations are showing starkly on their faces in this scene.
Baek Seung Jo is so close to breaking. Even for a Robot Boy, this is too much for his metallic heart to bear.
The IWETs' shopping spree. He's so courteous with Hera.. letting her compliment his jacket, choosing her shirt, offering to pay for her stuff. It just makes you sick, doesn't it?
I always feel that Hera acts sisterly towards Hani.. okay she can't pass up the opportunity to be snarky every time they meet, but I do think Hera is not unaffected by Hani's cuteness.
This is Baek Seung Jo grasping at straws to be together with Hani. Who would ask a girl whom he knows to be in love with him to have dinner together with his intended fiancee?? *kicks him for being insensitive*
Hera is understandably not pleased at the prospect of having Baek Seung Jo's stalker being the third wheel at their supposed romantic dinner for two.
I was giggling so much here looking at Baek Seung Jo being frozen on the spot at this unexpected situation. He totally looks like a big teddy bear in Hera's firm grip.
With Baek Seung Jo glancing at Hani every 2 seconds, I'm sure it's obvious who's the third wheel in this relationship.
There's an unpredencented supply of edible-looking waiters in this drama, it makes me want to go to Korea just to restaurant-hop. Do they serve non-alcoholic vegetarian food anywhere?
I'm not sure why I screen-capped this. Hmmm.. maybe my fingers just move of their own accord every time Baek Seung Jo appears on my screen.
He looks like Hera is trying to feed him some poisonous mushroom, or something equally life-threatening like that.. LOL
Who's reminded of Kim Hyun Joong during his HAPTIC presentation in this scene?? *me! me!* ..I still dissolve into a fit of laughter every time I remember the caption that goes something like: "...have decided, doesn't matter..." in his Q & A session. I wonder how the presentation would be had the presenter been hyung, instead of his Baek Seung Jo persona.
Mature, grown-up Baek Seung Jo at work. No longer a know-it-all brat, but a capable man.
Another death sentence. This time, I could almost hear the sound of the nails hitting his coffin shut.
My fingers went crazy on their own. I swear I didn't know how these screen-caps ended up here. By the way, he totally looks like he's attending a wake with that suit. Is that intentional?
Mr. Baek and Clark Eun Jo make a run for it before the place turns into a battlefield. Traitors! LOL

The style is similar but which one is cuter?
She's trying to feed him again. Run, Seung Jo! Run!

They look so much like mother-and-son in this scene I could almost believe that he got his good genes from her.
Baek Seung Jo in a pink cardigan.. ♥
Baek Seung Jo 30 years from now?? ANDWAEEEEEEE!

I just screen-capped this for my own pleasure. What.. I can't?

He's flipping a page again. Which either means he's: nervous/bluffing/unsure/all of the above.

What a cool customer. He kisses her and then walks away as if nothing phenomenal has just happened? I think Baek Seung Jo has long viewed Hani as his... maybe at this stage (the park trip), it's still at a subconscious level but that feeling of possessiveness has existed alright.

Clark Eun Jo, the ultra-sensitive Super Mini Me can sense all the undercurrent of emotions running amok in his house.. and has absolutely no clue what to do about it. Poor kid.
Hera hiding her unsure face behind a conveniently huge tea cup. It's good to know that even someone as confident as her can falter at times.
She's gonna grill him for information...
Run, Eun Jo! Run!
I love their father-daughter interaction. It's really cool that a Korean drama can have such an eloquently concerned single-father character like this.
Hi Tennis sunbae, surprised to see me? I'm here looking for Hani...
Where is she?
She's not here?
Why can't I find her anywhere? Even though we're staying in the same house.. I can hardly see her nowadays.
Hani's friends totally spoiled the "Baek Seung Jo is struck by lightning" moment for me coz I was too busy laughing at their antics. No matter how many times I rewinded the scene, I still couldn't stop myself from laughing.. o wellz. But would it hurt Baek Seung Jo's cool image for him to register a more shocked expression at the pronouncement? Hmm...
*listening intently to Hani's problems about Baek Seung Jo*
*listening intently to Hani's problems about Baek Seung Jo... again*
*finally decide that enough is enough and go to ruffle Baek Seung Jo's feathers*

I love their friendship... I've never had girlfriends like this during high school. Was too busy being a bookworm.
Joon Gu-ya... how did you go from this cozy, lovable suitor... this forceful brute? This is sooooo not your style. I'm very disappointed atcha.
Joon Gu is very disappointed at himself too.
He's waiting for Hani like an oji-san waiting for his daughter. Complete with umbrella.
Hani just can't believe his eyes. Is this an image out of her wistful imagination? Is this another of her fantasy come to life? Baek Seung Jo... waiting for her?
 *nag nag nag* ..Baek Seung Jo can be such an ahjumma sometimes.
Seung Jo: *nag nag nag* ..What are you waiting for? Come here!
Hani: Huh? Do you call for me, Master?
She totally looks like a puppy when she goes to him.. so cute! How can Baek Seung Jo resist such cuteness for so long?? Other than the two stolen kisses, I think he has an admirable self-restraint.
(sternly commanding) YOU CAN'T LIKE ANY OTHER GUY BUT ME!
(softly pleading) You are not allowed to like any other guy but me...

A message from the Most Hated Umbrella in the World:
I've read and heard so many hate messages about me and so I would like to offer my sincere apology for appearing at the most inopportune time in this episode. I have tried to play the role offered to me as "the tantalizing stopper that will make the audience crave for more", but I guess I have failed miserably. As all of you have witnessed in Episode 14, the editor/director has cut the scene where I spent so many horribly difficult minutes lying in the rain being ignored.. *sob* ..well, at least I've worked hard.. so I hope you don't hate me anymore. Please support me and give me much love when you re-watch Playful Kiss or catch it on DVD later on. I hope I'll get more parts in my next acting job (I'm still reading some scripts so it's not been decided yet). Watch out for my next drama appearance! I will try to present to you a more improved me as an actor... *LOVE*

Feels like babbling...

I didn't screen-cap the kiss coz none of the still pictures does that scene any justice. You just have to watch the video for it. What was I thinking while watching the kiss scene? "Hyung... you've grown up ♥ ♥ ♥ ..." (hehe)

Anyway, I've always thought of Baek Seung Jo as this emotionally stunted guy who goes around being rude and uncaring to people he thinks is beneath him. Turns out he's outgrown that behaviour eons ago.. I just didn't notice. I wonder at what episode the changes in his attitude really start to show. I have to marathon-watch this drama with English sub from the beginning. I've been concentrating too much on Hani that I've completely ignored his progress. My being in the Oh Hani's Protection Squad (OHPS) has not helped matters either. I was too busy throwing imaginary pointy things at him in too many episodes.

If this manga had been a BL manga, none of the issues about Hani being too dependent on Seung Jo would have exploded in the comment sections in DB and AKP. Why is it that.. despite the dynamics being similar, just because its "boy vs. boy" (as opposed to "girl vs. boy") makes it okay for the former to depend on his lover in such a clingy way but it's not okay for the latter to act the same? The seme-uke treatment is so evident in Itazura na Kiss that were I to change Kotoko to... let's say Ayumu from "Heart Strings"... it would not have jarred much of the plot. If Naoki Irie has very accepting parents, that is.

I wonder.. is it because us the female of the species feel we have to have more 'power' in a relationship for it to be worth our while? Where did that come from? I thought we're pursuing love in a relationship, so why must there be a power struggle in the couple unit? How did 'having more power to decide her own life independent of his' come into the equation? I feel weird reading all the angry comments on Hani's decisions on her future in Episode 12. To entangle your life so completely with your lover's is deemed not cool anymore in this day and age. Frowned upon. Mocked. Scorned. Even Hani admits to feeling embarrassed about it. What if it were the other way around? What if Hani were the man in the relationship.. would the comments on his choices in life with regards to his lover have been so harsh?

The difference between a lot of us and Hani is she says those 'embarrassing' sentiments aloud.. all those notions and feelings and thoughts, she just blurts them out. And directly to the person she's in love with. It may not be the best communication method, but once the words are out there.. however convoluted they can be.. her sincerity shines through every time.

I think that in Seung Jo's stark and clearly-defined world where math problems have easy solutions and languages are completely comprehensible, her honest words surround him like crystals whenever she speaks them. The one person he doesn't have to project an image of how Baek Seung Jo is supposed to be. The one person who will look at him in wonder and with complete belief in his potentials. The one person who puts him on a pedestal but will not push him away when he is less than perfect. The one person who will not leave him no matter how much he jerks her around. Oh Hani. That person is you.

There're only 2 episodes left. On TV at least. The youtube episodes sound like it's gonna be from the same story but some new clips will be released. I like that it's only 10 minutes. I like that this drama is only 16 episodes. I'm probably the only PK fan who says this. But I like old things to end, because that's when new things begin. It's a cycle of life.. accept it and move on.. *peace*


It seems that the youtube episodes will be a new story after all! (read here). Yippeeeee! *ish ecstatically happy*


  1. Hi,

    I really like your picture recap and insight!

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  2. Thank you!

    I can only be obsessed with dramas that have guys I like in them.. so I used to watch mostly japanese drama.. hehe.

    I wasn't that into Korean drama. It's my obsession with KHJ, which just exploded a few months ago, that got me watching it. The few I watched, Goong.. My Girl, I had the forward remote button on overdrive.

    I'm also into Lee Jun Ki but he's reclusive in his personal life and not as fun as hyung in his interviews.. but I doubt anyone can be as fun as KHJ in his interviews.. LOL

    I can't wait for episode 15 too!! I can't believe I won't be able to watch new full PK episodes next week... aaaaaaaaaa! *cries* ..10 min per ep is so dismal, but every good thing must end eventually.. T___T

  3. I hope you would recap the rest of the episodes because I really enjoy reading your recaps. Please do so when you have the time. Thank you.

  4. Hi tlbpc ~~

    Thank you for you enjoying it! I plan to finish the whole thing.. yep, yep. The heart is willing but the brain unfortunately can only cope with school work at the moment. Hope I can churn out one pic recap post per week now that I have super duper fast (relatively speaking) net connection.. yeay! I'm not in a hurry coz hyung is probably gonna take his own sweet time acting in another drama/movie after this since he's set on doing that solo album project. Me wants to ogle Baek Seung Jo as long as possible.. hehe