Tuesday, October 26, 2010

[Video] Kim Hyun Joong + Playful Kiss / Mischievous Kiss

Performing "Please Be Nice to Me" ...he sang the song live. I think hyung has a thing for singing live. I have more clips of SS501 and hyung singing live than from any other boy group in the k-ent scene. Mesmerizing.. as always.

Feeding the Seung Jo-Hani addiction.

I find myself missing Baek Seung Jo in the middle of watching another drama (Personal Taste: Lee Min Ho). Was thinking, if hyung were to play this role.. what kind of Jeon Jin Ho would he portray?

It's because the way the name was pronounced in the drama sounds a bit like 'Ji Hoo'.. hehe. And the character is an ultra-composed guy who's brilliant at his job.. much like Baek Seung Jo. Anyway, even without proper training in acting.. hyung has managed to win jaded people like me over. So I look forward to the day when he's learnt the craft seriously and improved 10,000 fold. Kim Hyun Joong.. HWAITING!

The recent NG has been subbed.

He's really adorable when he made all those mistakes.. I like the most the times when he was pissed at himself for not getting it right, esp. when he said "Ah! I'm going crazy!!" (he said that a lot in BOF NG clips). LOL ..too cute.

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