Thursday, October 21, 2010

[Blast from the Past] Boys Over Flowers - Yoon Ji Hoo Image Change

How can a man look so sexy dressing up? No matter how many times I rewind this scene, I'm still gaping speechlessly while watching it.

Now that I'm doing this BOF research project for hubby (a.k.a. grabbing any clip I can find on the net to feed his addiction so I can persuade him to take me on a trip to Jeju Island) ..I think I'll be posting some interesting stuff I found on BOF.

Not that I'm forgetting my PK obsession. Yes, yes.. I'm still doing that picture recap. I think I'll go back to episode 1 and work my way up from now on. Forgive me for my Hani-like snail-paced progress and haywire arrangement. Since most of my blog readers have been following that picture recap project silently, I guess no one will mind however and whatever I do with it.. *merong* (hehe)

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