Wednesday, October 27, 2010

[CF] Kim Hyun Joong - The Face Shop update and nostalgia over Anycall Haptic

The Face Shop (link)

Hallyu star Wonbin has reportedly signed 1-year endorsement deals with LG Life & Health’s cosmetic lines “The Face Shop” and “Beyond”.

Representative Lee Man Hwee of LG Life & Health stated, “Wonbin’s recent movie was a massive success; he is the epitome of beautiful “flower-men” and is popular all across Asia“. He also added, “We are expecting the ‘Wonbin effect’ to spread to both our domestic and international markets for our ‘Beyond’ and ‘The Face Shop’ lines.”

‘The Face Shop’ has also contracted idol Kim Hyun Joong to team up with Wonbin for the endorsement, thereby establishing both domestic and international appeal.

Additionally, ‘Beyond’, LG Life & Health’s eco-brand line, is preparing to formally launch its brand-exclusive stores next year. Yoon Eun Hye will be accompanying Won Bin in the advertisements, as the brand seeks to utilize a male and female model.

With Won Bin’s hep, LG Life & Health seeks to successfully expand into a premium line of cosmetics.

Ami: Why is it that the guys I want to avoid are teaming up with hyung over one thing or another this year? This is a mystery ~

Others I feel like blogging about...

Compilation of Lee Min Ho's and hyung's Anycall CF. Feel like pasting it here coz I like the first one. Know what? If I were to see two beautiful boys in a restaurant dressed like that who then jump each other in excitement.. I'd definitely think: aha! BL moe moe ~~~ *washes brain with detergent*

I wonder what they were talking to each other about in the first CF that got them all hyper. Couldn't find a translated clip anywhere on youtube.

I was very surprised to find this CF. Please bear with this latecomer (a.k.a. moi) ...I wasn't a KHJ fan during all the hullabaloo surrounding BOF coz I usually avoid watching a hyped-up story. (I love 'underdog' dramas more.. the more unloved it is, the more I'm inclined to check it out)

You mean to say that his UFO design that won in the competition is (was?) actually sold by Samsung during that time?? What about the other model that won.. Kim Bum's, right? Was that sold too?


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