Monday, October 25, 2010

[Update] Kim Hyun Joong is going back to school??

(hyung must have read and taken to heart our comments about him needing more training for his acting career.. Hyun Joong-hyung.. HWAITING!! We support ya!)
Found this on several blogs. Is it true?? If it is, I must find some related research projects to do in ChungWoon University next year, or any university near it so I can become a certified KHJ-stalker. Another reason why I shouldn't be here blogging right now.. ha! LOL *ish swamped with deadlines*

Why is it that with hyung-chama, I can completely imagine myself stalking him..asking for his autograph..going to his fanmeets, etc. etc. (other stalking errands fans usually do)? Never felt this way with my other idoru before.

You can read more about this update here.

Btw, I read that Jung So Min attended Korea National University of Arts majoring in acting. No wonder she's so good. I'll stop comparing her acting skills with hyung now coz that's like.. I'm being so terribly unfair to him.

I wonder what his major will be... and how the heck is he supposed to find the time to study, let alone finish school, with his crazy work schedule?? Somehow, reading about his talents and all the activities he manages to fit into ONE day/week/month/year make me feel stupid and lazy.

Me wants to go do my school work now.. *drags her feet away from blog*

P/S: While watching Personal Taste (Lee Min Ho's drama), I found myself missing Baek Seung Jo.. haha. So random... (^o^)"

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