Tuesday, October 19, 2010

[Archive] On Playful Kiss / Mischievous Kiss & Kim Hyun Joong 191010

  • Short preview of Episode 15 (sub can be found here). Since I've been spazzing in that blog already, I dunno what else to say in my own blog.. (traitor to self!) LOL

  • Long preview for Episode 15 ...am totally not watching it coz I want to watch the episode in full. My career of watching long previews is officially over last week, but you're welcome to it.
  • Playful Kiss in ETN

  • Personnel of [Playful Kiss] has mentioned that “Profit received just for the pre-sold distribution rights to overseas has raked in 4 billion won by itself. It will begin to air from December onwards in Japan. If we were to assume the failure and success of this drama just by looking at the results achieved in Korea here, it is meaningless”. Lovecalls for him to appear in many works does not end as well. With SS501 members dispersed in each different agency, it looks like it will take some time for them to resume singer activities. Because of that, possibility for Kim Hyunjoong to focus on acting career for the moment looks high. Keyeast personnel says, “Not just dramas, there’re also many movie proposals received. There are so many proposals received, not at all worried. But first and foremost, to take a rest first, while also to plan for his next work carefully and seriously”. (link)
 Movie?? Movie?? Yes! Please appear in a movie, hyung! But of course you have to rest first.. seriously, you have to find a solution of how to stay at the same weight throughout a drama. Other than worrying about your health, I'm also distracted by the change in the character's appearance nearing the end of the story and not in a good way... although you're too yummy even when you're ultra-skinny that I'm willing to let it pass, but don't think you can work like that for all subsequent dramas. Your acting life is just beginning and I'm hoping for more works from you. Oh, and what about that solo album you promised us? Please don't do mini albums anymore. Make it a full album so I can save money and buy it. I'm dying to buy an album with only your voice in it *ish greedy*
  • There will be a total of 9 episodes for these special features, and will be about Baek Seung-joo (Kim Hyun-joong) and Oh Ha-ni's (Jeong So-min) story after the last episode. The official from 'Group Eight' added, “It won't show much difference with the flow of the original or Taiwanese version, but there will be a special something that only Korean dramas can have.” (link)
Looks like it's been upgraded from 7 to 9 episodes now (yippeeeeee!) and I'm currently wondering how they're gonna pace it.. is it gonna be 1 episode per week? 10 minutes of PK per week?? How am I supposed to survive with such a measly fare? I'll be starving! Good that I'm doing that nonsensical picture recap job. Keeps me amused and happy in PKland for quite sometime to come.. hehe
  • Top 10 Korean Idols who look better without clothes (link)
I've never seen any of them with their clothes off, so I can't verify. Hyung is 2nd to Leeteuk.. huh? Really?
  • All the SS501 members have the *consent to put SS501 activities as top priority* clause in their contracts with their new agencies (link).
I love their determination to be together. They make the actually complicated and difficult deal seems so plausible.. "People say we have disbanded but none of that talk has come from our mouths. What are you going to do if we then come out with a new album?" (link). This kind of talk is why I call him 'hyung-nim' in my blog. Eien no SS501 no Rida, Kim Hyun Joong-sama.. we love you to bits and pieces.

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