Tuesday, October 26, 2010

[Merchandise] Kim Hyun Joong

What does being a "TRUE FAN" mean? For me, it is buying the artists' merchandise. This is because I'm a student who still has about 5 years to pay off her loan and therefore money is precious to me.

So don't tell me I have to attend his concerts in Korea to qualify as a "TRUE FAN" coz any whiff of such nonsense, I will open up a stargate and teleport you to Solaris. Capisci?

(unless you want to sponsor me to go to his concerts.. in which case you will earn my eternal gratitude.. hehe)

The TRUE FAN argument.. meh. It's the main reason why I left the Gackt fandom. Bloody suffocating labels. Leave me alone.

I just click a bunch of buttons and somehow ended up buying these beauties!!

At first I want to wait a bit, but reading about the sold out KeyEast calendar.. I freaked out. What if this calendar too will be sold out by the time I want to buy it?? And I've always said I'ma buy the PK OST when it comes out.. yakusoku wa yakusoku da ne.

I hope the PK DVD is a complete package so I don't have to buy PK-related stuff separately. Saves me on the shipping costs.

They'll be shipped in November. And so will the 1st Love Story DVD! O my.. it's raining hyung next month.. *hepi fan*

P/S: Why can't they sell the PK chicken hoodie and magnetic lego toy thingy on Yesasia too?? I would so buy those!

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