Wednesday, October 6, 2010

[Preview] Playful Kiss / Mischievous Kiss Episode 11 short preview Eng-subtitled

*blink blink* KYAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

Okay... I'm gonna be talking about a spoiler here. Those who have not watched the anime, please do NOT read further.




Jakamman... isn't that whole "the only one you like is me" the line Naoki said to Kotoko in the rain before their 3rd and final kiss in the anime??

So now the writers have changed the sequence of events? What does that mean? What does that mean? What does that mean? Arrrrrrghh, I want to watch next week's episode NOW!

Another things is.. with the way this episode is moving... I think Seung Jo's only gonna reveal about his desire to be a doctor in the last episode, after he proposes to Hani. Well.. I want him to propose to Hani, or else what is the point of this intense love affair?

I'm always torn between wanting this drama to end quickly so I know the whole story immediately, and wanting it to never end coz that'll be the end of my favourite bickering on screen couple.. LOL.

We're on Episode 11 and it looks to me that the story is progressing nicely.

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