Saturday, October 30, 2010

[Harem] Kim Jae Wook, the Waffle Guy from Coffee Prince

You know that famous line.. "You had me at 'hello'..."?

Well, Kim Jae Wook had me at 'fuzaken janeiyo...' (hehe)

Is he really 100% Korean? Or does he have mixed japanese blood? My personal taste for japanese guys got me suddenly sitting up and taking notice the moment this guy shows up on my monitor.

Now I know which drama I want to follow next... but the synopsis sounds weird and I don't know if this slight crush on Kim Jae Wook is gonna sustain my interest until the drama ends.

I doubt I'll go all berserk over it but it'll be nice to be able to follow a drama that has someone I like in it again after Playful Kiss ends.

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