Wednesday, October 20, 2010

[Rambling] Boys Over Flowers - related

First of all, that has to be the shortest time in history (well, my history anyway) of downloading a torrent file for a drama episode.. less than an hour. Playful Kiss has indeed exploded on the net. It's the second last episode.

Ah, thinking about it that way makes me sad. I hope hyung acts in a new drama/movie as soon as possible so I can watch him on screen again. But I also want that solo album and SS501 collaboration album too. I'm such a greedy fan. Please have some rest first, hyung-chama! I don't want you to fall sick.

Anyway.. why did I title this post BOF? Because hubby is currently back-watching the DVD. He finished the 25 episodes in a few days (up until the wee hours of the morning!) and is now catching up with the ones he missed coz I re-watched those when he wasn't around. I openly showed my love for hyung while watching BOF with him and asked him several times.. "isn't he gorgeous??". Hubby was like.. "yeah". *giggles*

(When I was watching Playful Kiss youtube clips on my monitor, he went to me excitedly asking.. "what are you watching now??". Andwaeeeeeee! Do not want to share hyung with him! *ish greedy and possessive* LOL)

He totally did not google about BOF and ask me to give him all the BOF-related clips I found on the net??!!? So, being an agreeable, obedient wife that I am.. I'm collecting all the BOF-related clips I can find HERE. BOF fans are welcome to them as well. I'm going to download them too.. in case they get deleted later.. grrrr.

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