Wednesday, October 6, 2010

[Preview] Playful Kiss / Mischievous Kiss Episode 11 long preview

Translation can be found here.

Heh.. I knew Seung Jo's gonna go back to being a cold robot after the night they spent together. It's his standard operating procedure. I'm kinda used to it now, and I think I sorta get why it's like that with him.

Despite still wanting to hit him with a brick now and then, I don't think I can hate the Korean version of Naoki Irie. Coz he really does love Hani. Just that he has his own weird way of showing it, is all.

Who's the new sunbae and why is Hani suddenly surrounded by 3 handsome hunks?? Ok, make that 4 coz I'm beginning to think that Tennis sunbae is quite cute now, dunno why.. LOL.

I hope the new sunbae is not just a copy-paste character designed to make Seung Jo jealous and nothing further. He doesn't give out a feeling of seriousness, despite looking so dishy that even Seung Jo feels threatened. Who's the guy? Another idol actor?

This is the trip episode right?? Soooooooo.. that means.........




This is gonna be their 2nd kiss episode?? But the 2nd kiss (according to the anime) is still the peck-on-the-lips type. I'm not that excited about it.. really. *tries to act all calm and dignified*

Arrrgh, who cares about being calm and dignified ~~~ it's the 2nd kiss, yo!! *hyper* ...can't wait to watch it tomorrow.. yeay!!

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