Wednesday, October 13, 2010

[Preview] Playful Kiss / Mischievous Kiss Episode 13 shorter preview

Translation can be found here.

My brain has just exploded into a million pieces.

So the kiss is gonna be in episode 13??? YES! I don't have to wait another agonizing day to watch it.. lalalala *happy PK fan*

I was suddenly reminded of hyung saying to his fans "If you leave oppa because of this, oppa's gonna be mad!" during the 'We Got Married' episode where Hwangbo had to kiss him (and that's only on the cheek!) as according to her mission.. LOL.

No wonder those fangirls who wrote about the kiss in the rain said that they feel frozen watching the scene. It's hot hot hot!!! I dunno how many times I'll be rewinding the 3rd kiss part. Even the much shorter 2nd kiss part got my rewind button on overdrive. Am I a pervert?? haha

Tomorroooooowwwww.. o o o o ...tomorrooooooooowwww ~ *giddy with anticipation*

My thoughts on the preview:

A lot of people have been complaining of how Hani is being spineless and indecisive and a threat to feminism (I doubt Hani even understands the concept of being a feminist in the first place) by molding her dream into something that only complements anything Seung Jo's gonna do in the future.

Aren't they forgetting something important? Seung Jo wants to be a doctor, an ambition inspired by Hani. Then isn't it beautiful that Hani wants to be a nurse to support Seung Jo's ambition? These two.. it's not just Hani orbiting Seung Jo.. at this point in their (still platonic) relationship, they've started to orbit each other.

Without even sleeping together despite the abundant opportunities (staying under the same roof, Hani sleeping over at Seung Jo's apartment), they have so closely entangled their lives it's difficult to separate the Seung Jo that Hani has helped forge and the Hani that Seung Jo has helped create. Why should such closeness be equaled to suffocation? Hani is his oxygen, as much as he is hers. Without one, the other cannot be alive.

Isn't it amazing that being in love is to become a self that depends on the existence of your loved one in order to live a life full of joy and contentment? If anyone denies this, then he/she has never completely abandoned him/herself to love. Which is not wrong, nor is it right. It's just that it's not the only way to treat love, and therefore it is also not your place to scorn how somebody else treats his or her love.

Despite watching the previous drama versions and the original anime, I've never understood the love story of these two people. I'm glad the Korean version was made. I appreciate this story now.

Looking forward to the next episodes ~


  1. I read those comments/complaints too, the main thing is that they felt that SJ at that point in time has not reciprocated HN's love or acknowledge it yet so HN shouldn't have such dreams.
    Well, I don't see anything wrong with cutie sweetie HH's dream at all. Why be so hard on poor HN? Despite being publicly humiliated by SJ, sigh, love is really blind sometimes.

    So, what do you think of the KISS? I'm so glad for both of them and I hate people who keep comparing them with the TW version that it's not intense enough, blah3. This will only spoil their own enjoyment of the drama. I like it just the way they acted it out or maybe KHJ really wanted to kiss JSM all along, keke (who knows?)

  2. I think my entire being exists solely in the space of the few seconds that the KISS takes place. IT-WAS-HOT.

    Well, since everyone "who doesn't like to compare" has been comparing the kisses to oblivion and beyond, lemme state here that the kisses in ISWAK merely made me gape at the soft-pornish quality of them. Maybe it's coz I don't care about the couple like I do Seung Jo and Hani, ish all.

    Another reason is because I don't like it when guys kiss girls forcefully, no matter what the reason. Does passion allow brutality in the expression of love? Chewing half her face off when he knows it's a novel experience for her and she's too slow-witted (that's how Ariel portrays XQ, according to me) to understand what's happening.. isn't that being manipulative? I like how Seung Jo's voice while stating the same commanding thing ("You do not like other guys") goes from making it sound like a command to making it sound like a plea after the KISS. No one has commented on that. I wonder why.

    I dunno. Maybe it's a cultural thing too. What is passion in Korea may look too tame for the people living in other places. What is passion in Taiwan may look like vivid foreplay to people living in other places. I certainly can't watch the honeymoon scene in TKA with my family, that's for sure.

    I'll certainly be sad when this drama is over next week. I doubt I can be this obsessed eva again. Hmm, or maybe until KHJ's new drama comes along.. hehe

  3. As you mentioned about differences of cultures, the Taiwanese TV dramas are famous for adding salt in making their weepies/idol dramas with lotsa loud cryings, scoldings and violent dramatic actions. That really puts me off especially when their actors usually over-act. The Korean and Japanese are milder and gentler.

    The kiss is just right for SJ for his character, can’t expect him to change suddenly to a passionate guy.

    Don’t despair, I think after next week, it will not die off since it is SO HOT. There’s the Youtube channel thingy – just wonder how’s the 7 special episodes gonna be, will it be a different cut or parts which were not shown or a brand new mini-series by a different scriptwriter acted by KHJ and JSM?

    Love this K-drama very much, it is the best for me a non K-drama fan, it is just simply
    C U T E to the core. I also like their outfits and the clothes they wear, very stylish and cool, good taste. Then of course KHJ and JSM are so nice to watch. I will surely buy the VCDs when it’s out for keeps for remembrance of them at 24 and 21 yrs old.