Sunday, October 17, 2010

[Concert] SS501 - Never Again (live) Kim Hyun Joong solo

This is my next car/bathroom-song singing project. I'ma make hubby's ears bleed with this one.. LOL. Still haven't completely memorized "Because I'm stupid" as it has too many new lines.. arrrgh! Why can't they just have repeat verses? As it stands, I've only got down to half of the song.

Anyway, Never Again looks shorter.. so hopefully it's easier to memorize.. but I like hyung's solo version better than the group version (is that a redundant statement or what? hehe). I think this is the one he was talking about in that radio program.. the sexy stage he wanted to create but failed (according to him, but I think he's plenty sexy here hehe).

I think I've pasted this somewhere in my blog but I can't find it. My blog is an enchanted forest where posts appear and disappear as they please. Okay, found it but the video has been deleted.. demmit. After this, all the youtube clips I like.. I will download and save somewhere.. grrrrr.

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