Wednesday, September 15, 2010

SS501's Live in Japan 2007 DVD - Kim Hyun Joong's Intro + Never Again (solo) ...and other updates

I may think that Heo Otter's voice is the strongest in SS501, but it does nothing to my insides. Hyung's voice just.. melts me. I never thought I'd find another voice after Gackt's that can make me feel so touched I want to cry.. until I listened to One More Time, the OST song of Playful Kiss.

Hyung's voice suits rock songs better. I think if he makes a rock-themed album, it'll sell like hot cakes. But of course a mix of dance, pop and ballad will work too.. (I'm greedy *hehe*). I wonder if hyung-nim's gonna do secret additional tracks like Seo Taiji did in the "Come Back Home" CD I bought. That'll be cool.

...and we want a guitar feature in one of the songs, Kim Hyun Joong-hyungnim! Of course the guitarist will be you~

  • "Naughty Kiss"  was sold to 12 countries ahead of going on air early this month for a total of four billion won, equivalent to about 3.4 million dollars (read more).
  • 'One More Time' the MBC drama Playful Kiss OST sung by Kim Hyun Joong revealed on September 8 is receiving feverish responses and climb onto the various music charts and music portal sites (read more).
  • The official 'Playful Kiss' youtube channel will be opened in the upcoming October where it will contain the promotion videos, music videos and making films of the casts etc, there will be many must-see[s] in the channel (read more).

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