Sunday, September 19, 2010

[Archive] Mischievous Kiss / Naughty Kiss / Playful Kiss & Kim Hyun Joong

  • Why hyung chose to play the role of Baek Seung Jo: "It is a manga reproduce drama same as 'Boys over Flowers'. The difference is, Yoon Ji Hoo is a gentle and understand boy, Baek Seung Jo is a role which will always sneer, so I wanted to challenge this" (read more).
  • [Eng Subs] Kim Hyun Joong in Voluntary Hope Project (watch)
  • Kim Hyun Joong vs. Lee Seung Gi vs. Rain (read more). See, people are complaining about Playful Kiss being cut to 16 episodes. But really, that 20 episode thing was never confirmed by MBC. And yeah.. My Girlfriend is a Gumiho is a 16-ep drama too, yes it is! So here we have.. competing in the same slot starting in two week's time (coz Rain's drama won't start next week due to the Chuseok festival).. is PK which has 8 more episodes left, Gumiho with 2 episodes left (i.e. it's its last week on air!) and Runaway's 1st ep. I do think that if PK's rating is not up phenomenally by next week, there's something faulty with the boxes they installed in those 2,000 TV viewers' houses (the ones that record the rating). Better check them out, tech people.
  • A plan is brewing for petition to extend PK episodes (read more). Personally, I don't like online petitions. I still remember the one someone drew up to object hyung playing Baek Seung Jo in the drama... grrrrr. Also, this maybe is contrary to the sentiment of 99.99% of hyung's and PK's fans but I personally think 16 episodes is just right. I don't like the Chris-Kinnosuke arc, the trouble-at-the-Naoki's-father's-office arc, the grandfather's overlong arc, the side characters' arc (who cares about Kotoko/Oh Hani's friends's dilema? I just care about the couple's dilema coz I'm selfish like that) and the scenes where Naoki/Zhi Shu shows off his medical prowess (I mean, the guy is a genius.. why do we need proof of that stretching over 2 episodes?). Cut those irritatingly meandering chunks out and we're left with a neat 16-ep story focusing mostly on our favourite couple. 
  • SISTAR’s Soyu MV for ‘Should I Confess’ for Playful Kiss OST (listen)
  • The college perm is a new hot discussion topic for fangirls. Hyung's getting a new nickname: Asian Peter Pan! Coz he looks so young in that hairdo, according to a lot of netizens (read more)
  • Hyun Joong featured in Oct issh of Hallyu Wave Magazine (read more)
  • Baek Seung Jo and his Miny Me.. LOL. I love Eun Jo, esp when he's being smacked affectionately by his mom for being rude to Oh Hani. They're such an adorable family (photo)
  • I know this is probably a little perverted, but since it's changed liezle's mind about the kiss.. I thought I should highlight the slow-mo gif of that kiss in my own blog too (watch it!)

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