Tuesday, September 28, 2010

[Spoiler Alert] Rambling prediction about Playful Kiss / Mischievous Kiss

Disclaimer: Please don't read this if you haven't watched the Itazura na Kiss anime until the end (episode 25). You have been warned.

Who's excited about tonight's episode, raise your hands~ (me! me!)

Some PK fans are saying how we shouldn't compare it to the previous versions, but others (like me) think that comparing between the versions is about 25% of the fun in discussing this drama. Then it's 50% in watching and the rest of it is in spazzing about it on various forums and blogs.

So, it's really up to your appetite. Just don't squash discussions that center around character/storyline comparisons. If you don't like how they're bashing your favourite version to death, say goodbye in the nicest, most sarcastic way you know how.. and walk outta there. There are other more interesting places for you to spazz, believe me.

So I've been surfing the anime discussion to get an idea on how the story progression is going. Right now, the feeling I get is that the screenwriters are gonna follow the anime episodes quite closely.

Eun Jo getting sick and going to the hospital is on ep 11 of the anime. For PK, it'll be ep 9. So we're just about 1 to 2 episodes behind the anime then?

Many manga fans were saying how the anime jumps around from the original manga version, so if PK has been following the anime from early on.. it's safe to say, the anime storyline is the sacred text they're gonna be sticking to. Stuff from the other versions (ISWAK, Itazura Na Kiss dorama) will be taken only to spice things up a bit.

Let's see.. the drama will end on the 16th episode. Episode 18 feels like a story in progression so we'll look further than that. What happens in the anime in episode 20?
  • Kotoko & Naoki are still not divorced yet (they got married in episode 14)
  • Kotoko finally graduated as a nurse
  • Yuuki's friend, Nobuhiro made an appearance
  • Keita's love story with Kotoko has already come and gone
  • Naoki's already a doctor at the hospital Kotoko will be working in
In episode 19, Naoki made up with Kotoko over the Keita episode. In episode 23, Kotoko is pregnant and she gave birth in 24.

What does all this tell us? I think we'll get to the point where they'll marry and have a life after marriage. Given the pace of this drama, it feels like a good destination to be in episode 12.. dum dee dum.

I hope we won't be treated to soft porn-ish scenes during the honeymoon like in TKA *yuck* ..I'd rather see hawtly sensual, subtle brushing of body parts (which KHJ + JSM are experts at in episode 8) rather than full-blown foreplay. It'll make it difficult for me to recommend this drama to small children if it's full of scenes where Baek Seung Jo is trying to eat Oh Hani's face off.

Right, so that will leave us with just 4 more episodes for them to dump the rest of the complicated conflicts in. When it was touted to be a 20-ep drama, I was confident they could finish the anime arc. Now with it being only 16, I'm not sure.

My bet will be that they'll cut several big side-love story arcs, like Chris + Kin-chan and the Yuko + Tennis Senpai, and the nursing school stuff will get reduced.. that is, if Baek Seung Jo is still going to be a medical doctor. Somehow, I have a feeling that he's not going to. But I will make up my mind after the Yuuki + Nobuhiro episode (Eun Jo + hospital mate) is done with.

If Baek Seung Jo is not gonna be a doctor, then we're basically in free country from episode 10 onwards. A lot of the plots right before & after Naoki Irie changed to the medical department has to do with him being in that medical department. Even Kotoko being a nurse is because of him being a doctor. And what about Kotoko's nursing friends? *gasp* what about Keita??

Episode 8 changed the dynamics of the couple but I think it'll be episode 9 - 10 that will show this drama where it needs to go.

I can't wait for tomorrow!

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