Friday, September 17, 2010

Some (surprising) Mischievous Kiss / Playful Kiss updates

  • When I stumbled on these pages, it made me wonder.. are we living in the same dimension as the people who made and voted in this poll? Then why are the ratings so freaking low if it's in the MOST WANTED TOP 10 DRAMA? Most wanted where?? Anywhere else but in Korea where the all-important rating war is taking place?? Gah! I'm going crazy.. seriously.
  • Remember the internet version of Playful Kiss which should be released on Youtube in November? It seems that new scripts are not the only thing it offers the viewers. We also "will be able to submit entries for story idea contributions as well as take part in an event recruiting subtitle creators for the show from various country" (read more). *gasp* ..I'm loving this idea already! Good job Group 8! This is what I was talking about in my earlier post.. they should find a way to profit from the high interest garnered by this drama overseas. Also, this announcement is an outright acknowledgment of the quality of subtitles done by hardworking fansubbers.. and I think it's awesome.
  • Despite some fans thinking that hyung has made a mistake in participating in this drama, I think the rating of the drama is inversely proportional to hyung's popularity. How does that happen?? (read more here, here and here for proof). 
  • Jung So Min blogged and self-cammed about Playful Kiss (read more)
  • From a 20-episode drama, Playful Kiss is now said to end as a 16-episode drama. Which means we only have 10 more hours left to watch hyung as Baek Seung Jo... gyabo (read more). I ish depressed. Not liking it one bit, but what can we do? TV network operates a tight ship and as much as I feel like kicking MBC's ass for dumping my favourite drama in a sea already occupied by a giant shark (which has left the territory as of yesterday to be replaced by another giant shark in 2 weeks time.. arrrrrgh!), they probably did it out of complete confidence that Playful Kiss could wrestle viewers away from SBS and KBS. Alas, it was not to be. I think this is a classic case of nice drama, wrong air slot thingy. We'll see how it'll fare in other shores when it gets shipped out of its domestic market, kay.

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