Tuesday, September 21, 2010

[Updates] 210910 Playful Kiss /Mischievous Kiss & Kim Hyun Joong

  • More Prince of Tennis no tensai moments.. gyaaaaaa! (watch)
  • 100919 Fan account of Mischievous Kiss filming at the university with pictures (read more)
  • Apparently, MBC had made some programme errors and/or typo errors where they wrongly typed 'Gloria' to replace PK for the rerun slots. It is said that this is already known by fans, despite them knowing, fans still continued to give such reactions (read more). Oh, so now it's our fault?? Meh, just shows that us puny mortals just can't win against the all-powerful Executives of TV Network Universe.
  • Playful Kiss rerun rating is still low: Episode 5 records 3.3% and Episode 6 records 4.5%. Why are those 2000 homes not tuning in to MBC en mass?? Gah! *frustrated* (read more)
  • Hulu, a site where you can watch Playful Kiss legally if you live in the US (read more)
  • Mischievous Kiss : Continues To Film During Chuseok + Episode 7 Spoilers (PHOTO SPAM). I swear someone from Group 8 has been reading my complaint about the long previews.. LOL. I couldn't find the long preview for Episode 7 anywhere. Usually it's out with the speed of light the moment the previous episode is up for download. O wellz.. it's cool since MBC is gonna do that Watch Again thing on the 24th. Hope people will be tuning in to that one in droves.
  • Choc full of hyung-goodies (look it up)
Playful Kiss FIGHTING! Hyung FIGHTING!

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