Friday, September 10, 2010

Mischievous Kiss / Playful Kiss Real Time Episode 4 Rating

I think the blog deserves its traffic so please click here to view the real time rating. I read somewhere that the rating is 3.4%, dunno exactly how they calculate the real time into an average value and too lazy to guess.

Baker King is a monstrous show. It just keeps swallowing all the rating. Even My Girlfriend is a Gumiho was not spared.. *gulp*

Anyway, what's up with the netizens? Is it cool/fashionable now to dislike Kim Hyun Joong the actor?

You know what answer I'd give to that question?


Who are these 'netizens' that put up so much effort to take away our enjoyment of the drama by trying to impose THEIR scathing opinions of his acting skill on us anyway? Ahjummas with a lot of free time in their hands? School kids who are too bored and lazy to do their homework? Hmm.. are they even humans? Maybe they're just some bots planted by an evil genius who wants to conquer the world by controlling cyber fandoms. Huh.

Not all of us are following this drama because we're Kim Hyun Joong's rabid fangirls. Some like the original story and just want to see how the Korean version is gonna develop along the way. Me, I'm in both categories.. because it's a possible place to be in. So there. Now could you please go away and leave us to enjoy Playful Kiss in peace? Of course not, right? You gals/guys simply enjoy being extremely annoying to online strangers, don't you?

Kim Hyun Joong-hyung is smirking at you, ebil netizens~

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