Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mischievous Kiss / Playful Kiss Episode 4 Long Preview

Watching episode 4 preview, I'm now more convinced than ever that they're following the pace of the anime. Thank God. I thought, since ISWAK was supposedly very popular, they'd be following the Taiwanese version. Which I dislike immensely. I still couldn't bring myself to watch it past episode 1. I like TKA better.. mmmm, mostly coz of the numerous snogging scenes.. Joe Cheng always looked like he was gonna eat Ariel's face off.. 0_0"

Anyway, I like the pace of the anime more than the manga. I hope Oh Hani becomes a nurse. I like that story arc better. TKA combines both teacher and nurse, and so many other additional unimportant messy side stories that just got the fast forward button on my remote on overdrive.. grrr. I wonder who's gonna be Keita. Hope it's someone gorgeous so I can enjoy Seung Jo's jealousy much better. And who are they gonna rope to play Christine?? I hope it's a girl as cute as the one in TKA. I like her a lot.. hehe. Despite wanting to hit Naoki Irie with a brick in some episodes, the storyline still makes me want to download the next anime episode.

You can watch the anime version here:

I find that I enjoy it better when I can anticipate the next scene. Of course you're in for major spoilers, but I'm the kind of reader who'll flip to the end of a book to see whether the character I like will die or not before I can finish the book, so I'm okay with spoilers. If you don't like spoilers, I suggest that you don't touch the anime episodes with a 10-foot pole.. coz up to episode 4, Mischievous Kiss / Playfull Kiss is following that version quite closely.

Are you curious as to whether Seung Jo's gonna kiss her after he wrestles her to his bed? Watch episode 4 next week to find out!!

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