Thursday, September 9, 2010

Puzzling over Playful Kiss

Is this drama a favourite for bashers and antis? Maybe sociologists should carry out a study on antis. I can provide them with a title for their dissertation - "An Integrative Approach to Profiling Anti-fans for a More Effective Understanding of Pop Culture Phenomena and Fandom"

... how's that for a good title? I think it has a nice ring to it.

I've surfed around quite a lot by virtue of being in several fandoms. I'm more of a serial fandogamist.. I frequent one fandom at one time before I go the the next one I fancy. How can you describe the psychological make-up of people who claim they hate a drama/movie/artist/whatever-it-is-with-a-connection-to-the-drama/movie/artist and yet spend so much time writing post after post explaining in detail on why they absolutely abhor the drama/movie/artist/whatever-it-is-with-a-connection-to-the-drama/movie/artist?

Just a plain 'I have nothing else to do' explanation simply doesn't cut it anymore. If that's the case, why don't they.. I dunno.. go out with friends or do cross-stitch or completing Sudoku or some other activities that build character? If nothing in life satisfies them anymore.. they can go camping! Even sleeping is a more worthwhile activity than online-bashing. It's not like you get paid to bash the drama/movie/artist/whatever-it-is-with-a-connection-to-the-drama/movie/artist, so why do something you claim you don't enjoy with such relish? Sounds psychotic to me.

Anyway, after reading so many long-winded descriptions of the one-sided love-hate relationship they're having with Kim Hyun Joong-Baek Seung Jo and Playful Kiss.. I felt exhausted. I hope this drama becomes a nationwide hit in the end and Hyun Joong-hyung becomes even more popular, well-paid and awesome. What do you get for being so spiteful towards this cute, hardworking guy? If you hate him or his acting so much, go find another idol you can shower your affection on. Why do you torture yourselves over and over again with his presence? Urgh, I don't get this masochistic behaviour.

Where was I? Oh.. this 'inappropriate' controversy. I was wondering what the scriptwriters were thinking when they wrote the 'drunk scene' as well but since I know nothing about Korea, I thought it's some sort of culture there to give your children weak alcohol during celebrations.. just like westerners give their children watered wine. Some kids can handle the drink, some can't. So reading about this is an eye-opener for me. And yeah, Baek Seung Jo will spout all kinds of harassment on Oh Hani.. spanning all kinds of discrimination, including the one on gender. So save your children from getting an earful of it by banning this drama altogether in your household! See how popular it's gonna get with your kids after that. Teenagers love banned stuff, esp. if the ban comes from their parents.. meh.

I also found a real-time rating on episode 3. You can see how so many viewers jumped ship completely nearing the end from both dramas to Baker King. I wonder how the rating is gonna be once the magnanimous Baker King ends and Fugitive (Rain's drama) starts. Something interesting for me to look forward to..

 Hyung-nim is puzzled too...

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