Wednesday, September 22, 2010

[Archive] On Playful Kiss / Mischievous Kiss & Kim Hyun Joong

ATTENTION! Changes in Broadcast time for Naughty Kiss on Chuseok 
(22 & 23 Sept 2010)
  • The plan for petition to bring back PK's episode to 20 is going on. If you want to participate, here's how:
    - To suppport "playful Kiss" please send a message to MBC
    and at

    - Write all of your support and motivation to the crew and the cast. You can write your opinion and include your hope and petition. Also, write which country you come from (read more)
  • 100921 Kim Hyun Joong on Weekly magazine Josei Jishin No.10/5 (photo spam)
  • Kim Hyun Joong : Gets Featured on AISHITERU!KANKOKU DRAMA No.3.5 (photo spam)
  • 100921 The Face Shop promotional photos (more spammage)
 Hyungnim: Use my products from now on!
Ami: Yes, hyungnim. Most definitely, hyungnim.
  • 100922 Kim Hyun Joong on Hanryu PIA magazine No.10/31 (it's raining KHJ.. hallelujah!)
  • 100920 Kim Hyun Joong: Samsung card CF shooting photo (I'm in KHJ haven)
  • 100920 Kim Hyun Joong: Samsung card CF official photos (@_@ *wants to touch him*)
  • Hyun Joong for Bonstyle (pink hyung.. me likes!)
  • Choc-full of Baek Seung Jo goodies (photo spammage like crazy)
  • 100919 Fan account of Mischievous Kiss filming at the university (read more)
  • Hyung's old interview: In the subsequent interview, he was asked "If you fell in love with your friend's girlfriend, just like in the drama, what would you do?" Kim Hyun Joong replied, "If I really like the girl, I'll go for it", "But that girl mustn't be Jung Min's girlfriend..." His reply caused laughter among the audience. When asked, "Why not Jung Min's girlfriend", Kim Hyun Joong replied, "He's too scary", again causing the audience to laugh.  (link)
  • A place to go for all the Mischievous Kiss Official Photos Gallery (ogle)
  • Want to see Parang University of the Mischievous Kiss / Playful Kiss fame? I know I've tried to google it to find out whether it's a real university or not LOL (see here)
  • Reading this drama comparison makes me want to bonk MBC for chucking my favourite drama in this time slot, then dared to sound so hoity-toity about its (very muchly) predictable fate like it's all the poor puppy's fault with the disastrously low rating.. grrrr (read more)
 Hyungnim is pissed at MBC too!
  • 100719 Jung So Min’s bright smile and cyworld update (photos)
  • Found this character comparison between the manga and the drama. Really cool! (look it up)
  • 100919 Mischievous Kiss: Seung Jo & Hani wedding (photo)
  • 100918 Photos from Kim Hyun Joong Japan homepage (here)
  • Hyung is getting thin again (see Prince of Tennis pictures). This yoyo-ing trend during drama shooting is not healthy T___T to make myself feel better, I found this picture. Well, despite looking thin from the outside.. he looks yummy enough to eat once the shirt is off.. hmmm

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