Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Gallery opening

Because hyung is too good looking, there're so many pictures I want to archive in this blog. I also think that this is a good opportunity for me to archive pictures of his other harem members, i.e. "All the On-Screen Men I'm Smitten With".. LOL.

So, the dilema is.. how to manage the posts? Then I realized that the easiest and best way for me to sort all the pictures is by pretending that no one cares to browse through them. Which means, I'll tag them any way I want them.. ha! (how is that good gallery management, Ami??)

Being annoyingly chatty in all my posts, I guess the gallery can't escape this feature as well. So if you hate that kinda talk peppering the photos of your favourite idoru, just imagine them as some alien gibberish, ok. Or cross your eyes a bit when they look over the words and let the letters blur.

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