Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hyung's 2007 fanfic (LOL!!!)

I was supposed to go to sleep coz it's already nearly 4am.. but then I found this hilarious thing. It's his fanfic which he wrote in 2007 while they were having their Japan activities. The person doesn't allow pasting outside of his blog so here are the links:

chapter 1.
chapter 2.
chapter 3 & 4.
A summary on an interview where he explained about the fanfic.

However, the 1st chapter about the fictional girl fits the 'Playful Kiss' scenario so well that in my sleep-deprived brain, I'm wondering whether hyung is actually psychic. And there's the name too.. Jungmin. Isn't that so close to 'Jung So Min' ...the lead actress in the drama?

He could have chosen any of the other SS501 members.. Young Seng (who always got teased with him by others in TV shows and even kissed him at one point while he was drunk) or Baby (whom he always teased mercilessly and, as Baby claimed, kissed when they went drinking). Why the horse?

Ahhh... Leader, with all those convincing arguments.. I am now quite sure that either you are a psychic, or you can mold future events to fit your imagination. You are indeed the Wuju-shin you claim you are.. *in awe*

I should go to sleep now.. ^^"

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