Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Spiteful Kiss episode!!

That was what it was called in the anime. Am I depraved if I say I'm anticipating this so much right now??

But as someone commented in the youtube page, most probably the kiss will happen in ep 7.. *pouts* ..however, the anime ends it with Kotoko sitting weak-kneed in the alley all alone when Naoki Irie left her right after kissing her. So there's still hope that we don't have to wait until next week. When will the torrent for ep 6 be up in Mehanata?? *pouts some more*

And since I watched ep 5 without sub, I'm not sure but are they changing Oh Hani's course of study? Does that mean Seung Jo won't be a doctor either? Despite feeling a bit dissatisfied, I'm also looking forward to the change in their careers... if there is a change, I mean. Waaaaaaa.. new turn of story is coming up!

Happy times~

Arrrrgh, when will the review for ep 5 be up on Dramabeans?? Maybe I should do my own recap of the drama.. huh. But it will definitely be a biased one, so I think I shouldn't.. :P

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