Saturday, September 4, 2010

Mischievous Kiss / Playful Kiss Preview Episode 3

I love this drama..

...I think even if I were not hyung's fan, I would have been attracted to this drama. It's the type I like. So I've decided to ignore any future update on the drama rating. I dunno how drama ratings work in Korea and I don't care.

I hope the production team can work harder to make this drama more accepted with the general audience in Korea, i.e. viewers who don't care about the original manga/anime work or ISWAK/TKA or the Itazura na Kiss dorama and viewers who are not fans of Kim Hyun Joong or any of the other actors in the drama.

I don't want the low rating to influence MBC to take it off the air mid-story. I want to watch hyung as the genius doctor who spouts all those incomprehensible medical terms to his colleagues and his wife. I think they're gonna change his hair style and his clothing style a few times in this drama to suit the change from high school student to college student to a working adult. I want to see all that!

Therefore.. please let the rating increase! To avoid from becoming obsessed with this rating issue, I'm not gonna mention it again in this blog (will try very hard to restrain my fingers from searching and typing about it). I'll wait until Jdramas Livejournal upload the episodes, watch them and decide for myself of its worth. Ijo!

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