Thursday, September 23, 2010

[Updates] 240910 Playful Kiss /Mischievous Kiss & Kim Hyun Joong

  • The new The Face Shop is out! Goodness.. hyung has this ability to emotionally move me to tears when I hear his voice. There's something about that voice. Hmmm.. that's how I felt about Gackt too, and when his voice changed I just couldn't like him as much any more. Will the same happen to hyung one day? I hope not. I don't think I'll find somebody else I can obsess over who appeals to me in every way  twice in my lifetime. It's just not possible. Neeways.. here's the video. Thank you all uploaders! You gals rock~
  • Ratings for “Playful Kiss” double (read more). Some are saying how this is a hollow victory or some other shiz like that. Reading the rating analysis, I feel the same way I felt during the cricket matches when Shah Rukh's Kolkata Knight Riders team was playing.. eeeep. Why must the rating war be made into an international issue? In fact, I think some high stake bets are hinging on how many percentages Playful Kiss will get for the next episode. It's so ridiculous that it's not funny anymore. Let's just enjoy the drama!! *feels like she's talking to an empty room*
  • More perm discussion.. LOL (read more here and here). Anybody who doubts hyung can carry this style well should look up clips when he's supporting rasta and cornrow styles.. ha! He's too yummy to be affected negatively by a new hairdo. But talking about the fashion style of this drama.. I also think they look much more stylish compared to the previous Itazura na Kiss and ISWAK/TKA versions. Can't blame the Japanese version much coz that was set in 1996.. but what's the Taiwanese PD's excuse for dressing Joe Cheng in those godawful short-sleeved shirts?? Not to mention that irritatingly long curly hair.. urgh. They should have cut his hair short like in TKA from early on. Anyway.. I, for one, would love to have Oh Hani's wardrobe.. esp the chicken hoodie. Where can I buy something like that?? Another thing I like so much from this drama is that lego-like magnetic toy the Baek brothers keep playing at home. I want that too!!
  • You know a drama is very popular with netizens when it starts people writing fanfics about it. And the author claimed to have never watched the anime before (read more)

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