Wednesday, September 22, 2010

[Fan made video] WGM JoongBo - GET HOTT-2GETHERR!!!!!

Great fanvid! Thanks KoReAnPoPluver!!

I'm sold on this love story too. It's true, and yet it's not.. not really. What's more romantic than the idea that an interesting love like this could be true?

Why do so many fans want them to be together? Didn't they already make whatever memories they have together worth every while? Let's just be happy that they shared their moments together with us.

And hyung should so be a rocker at least in two songs for his solo album. If the managers in his agency are dense enough not to realize that: Kim Hyun Joong + guitar = massive fangirl following, than they should be fired and replaced.. meh.

The loveliest and hottest reality couple that has ever existed on the TV planet... hyung and his buin!

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