Tuesday, September 28, 2010

[Picture recap] Playful Kiss Episode 1 - 1st Fantasy Sequence

  • I shall not be held accountable for your losing interest in this episode because you look up my recap before you watch it. So watch episode 1 first, kay. 
  • I watched this episode RAW and I have no knowledge of Korean so please don't ask me what they're saying in the snapshots, if you do.. you will be ignored. 
  • For better quality recap and discussion you can go to Dramabeans. I'll just talk about the scenes that interest me.
I've always thought someone should isolate these fantasy sequences and make completely separate stories out of them. Why? Because its fun! Gosh, why is everyone in Dramaland so serious nowadays?? Neeways, here goes! This story is called "The Spighit of the Forest".

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there was an enchanted forest where no one dared to tread for fear of capture by the mystical creatures that roamed freely in it by night or day.
Oh! Here comes one of them now! Is this creature what the locals have named "The Spighit of the Forest"?
I wonder what sort of creature this is. It appears to have a preference for this flower. Does it find flowers edible? It can't have been one of those carnivorous monsters that prey on humans then, can it?
It's a humanoid! *stares* ..the storyteller thinks that she does not mind terribly if she were to be captured by this flower-eating creature. Is this the only species left or does it have brothers?

Wait, he did not even eat the flower. So he was just sniffing it? Or maybe the flower spores provide it with all the nutrition it needs to survive. What a delicate creature this is. It seems to check out the other flowers, or maybe it has a skin with a filamentous structure of vascular membranes that extract spores just by touching the flower surface.. *cough* ..anyway, it's pretty absorbed by its surrounding.
The humanoid has stopped feeding! What could be the cause of this distraction?
Ah, no wonder.. it has discovered a new species of flower in its forest!
*nom nom nom nom*
Being a flower-eating spighit, naturally it will want to have a taste of this new flower type. All for the purpose of scientific record and personal appetite, of course.

Spighit: This is the best flower I have tasted in all my immortal life. Eh eh eh, its petals are moving! Hmmm, should I just eat it? *conflicted* ...maybe I'll just go away and see whether it will come stalking after me. Then, I shall have myself a feast.
The flower, actually a human being who has been trespassing in the forest, was awakened.
Human girl: Did somebody just kiss me?
She looked up and saw...
... a horse?? (jakamman.. has the spighit turned into a horse? I thought it would prefer to morph into a dog-cow hybrid. Hmmm.. maybe a horse is the better choice.. I think)
Human girl: Did you just kiss me? And aren't you supposed to be a unicorn to qualify as a mystical creature? So where's your horn?

Mystical horse that is NOT a unicorn: You talked too much...
The storyteller included the above screencap because this pose should be archived for all eternity. It has absolutely no bearing in the plot of this story (huh, there's a plot??).

I understand why flowers keep springing up in an enchanted forest, but colourful mushrooms? Aren't those usually the poisonous type? 
Vice President of the Stalkers UNITE society - in the making.

These automatically blooming flowers are starting to give me the creeps. Stop it! Stop it! *squashes them all underfoot*  
I'm Spighit, the resident Leaf Magnet of this forest.
 Come to me, my precious...
The human girl who is totally unaware that she has been mistaken for a food variety.
 That's right.. just a step closer.. *smile smile*
Spighit: My feast has arrived.
Human girl: Are you the one who kissed me?
As the storyteller.. I have to say, I can't bear to watch what I know will happen next. Human girl.... run for your life!! Stop looking at his lips in that truly mesmerized way. He's hypnotizing you, that's what he's doing!
Spighit: *non nom nom*
Human girl: Kiss me out of the bearded barley. Nightly, beside the green, green grass. Swing, swing, swing the spinning step. You wear those shoes and I will wear that dress. Oh, kiss me beneath the milky twilight. Lead me out on the moonlit floor. Lift your open hand. Strike up the band and make the fireflies dance. Silver moon’s sparkling. So kiss me...

Should I tell you what became of our poor human girl? I think not. The gory detail would elevate this to an 18-rated post instead of the PG I'm aiming for. I'm too busy doing all sorts of things that has absolutely nothing to do with my study to deal with the censorship officials right now.

The Spighit of the Forest, needless to say, lives happily ever after all by his beautiful self.. forever searching for the same species of flower he found on that fateful day. He will not rest until his craving has been satiated.

So trespass not, my fellow human companions, in the enchanted forest where The Spighit of the Forest roams or you will risk never to return to the world you once knew and loved. Yes, this world. What, you don't love it? Fine. Go seek that spighit then, see if I care.


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