Thursday, September 16, 2010

Playful Kiss ratings dropped down to 3.0% for Episode 5

First, the preview of Episode 7. Didn't I say that he's gonna change his hairstyle once he gets to college? And it's the type I love too! I hate it going all straight and lanky on a guy, although on hyung.. any hairstyle will inexplicably turn out to look nice. But this new one suits hyung better IMHO. The superficial fangirl in me rejoices.. yeay!!

Back to the business at hand..


Let's just admit it here.. if not anywhere else. Playful Kiss has the pace of a japanese dorama. Well, at least the j-doramas I like to watch anyway. I guess the Korean viewers have been fed with a different fare that makes them unable to respond favourably to the drama. For everyone who's been complaining about the drama progression, I can tell you that up to Episode 6.. it has followed the anime storyline very faithfully.

Which is good news to us Itazura na Kiss anime fans, but not really for the rest of the Korean TV-drama-watching population. I wonder what the production team was thinking when they decided to model the drama after the anime. They should have known their market better, right? O wellz..

Anyway, I love the drama. But I'm currently having an emotional time reading about the rating it is getting. Playful Kiss fans, and the rest of the cast and production team of course, are facing a very possible crisis here. And that is of the drama dissolution. Will MBC play its rather common game of ditching a nonperforming drama in the lurch with Playful Kiss too? Time will tell.

People are hoping that it'll pick up its rating next week since Baker King has ended yesterday (I think). It seems people are forgetting that Runaway is gonna replace Baker King and Rain the actor already has a stable fanbase compared to hyung-chan.

I'm depressed.

Maybe I should just turn off Google and get on with my study/work. Meh.


  1. It's so frustrating that this is the first show in a long time that i've looked forward to and it ending before it begins would make me a very sad panda :( Hopefully since Baker King was doing ridiculously well enough of those fans will switch to PK to keep it afloat? I really wish I could understand what the South Koreans aren't seeing... or maybe what they are, I haven't checked out Baker King but I did start watching Gumiho and well... I didn't come close to finishing the first episode, I think I ended up rewatching PK instead :)

    Does anyone know how to leave an email or message for KHJ and So Min to show our support? I wanna let them know there are a lot of people that love their show... and no, not because of KHJ's pretty face but just because we like it.

  2. OH, send me an email at if you know how to send them a message they might actually read :)

  3. I read somewhere that KHJ skims through the messages left for him at his fan cafe (in his spankingly new official website) coz he's been replying to them, KeyEast officials have confirmed this. But I don't know how to register there coz I read about how it crashed due to the stampede of fans and antis who wanted to get in. Maybe it's a bit calmer over there now so you can try it out.. :)

    I think hyung-chan (KHJ) made a good decision in playing this role. Maybe so many other people can think otherwise, but I really like him as Baek Seung Jo. Years in the future, Playful Kiss will remain one of his most interesting acting experiences, I'm quite sure of it. Hyung seems the type who remembers hardships more vividly than easy victories.. :P

    Hyung FIGHTING! Playful Kiss FIGHTING!