Thursday, September 9, 2010

Playful Kiss / Mischievous Kiss 3rd episode rating is still at 3.5%



When is Baker King ending?? I'm beginning to develop an aversion to that drama. No offense, Baker King team. Maybe I'm just being an irrational, over-loyal, stubborn fangirl but this rating war is giving hyung a bad name and I don't like it at all. Someone commented about PK being the 'humiliation of Kim Hyun Joong'. Needless to say, I was pissed. How can something he and everyone in the PK team have been working hard on be the humiliation of anyone?? Explain!

Ok, I read dangermousie's sentiment and surfed around to find the update to that dispute. Seems MBC has 'finally settled' it with the union on Sept 6. I'm not sure how much was PK rating affected by this issue but if it was indeed badly affected, the rating next week will tell.

Lemme just say I hate the whining tone of this report:

"In the situation whereby Wed-Thurs dramas are turning duller day by day, even Jangki is now implicated with low ratings, I seriously felt it to be a pity. There is a need to develop a measurement plan to guard by this tough battle; it's kinda worrying"

Pull up your pants (if you wear one) and do something about it, why don't you? Playful Kiss was pit against something big like Baker King in a time slot that has already been viewed as disastrous to previous MBC dramas. It has its own audience, and that audience is not in the middle of school holiday right now. Why are you guys acting so surprised that it's not doing well? How much rating do you expect it's gonna get for its first 5 episodes? 20%? If PK is doing better online than on TV, think of some ways to gain profit from that! Someone up there in MBClympus needs to get transferred to another department, or sacked.

I've also been thinking about this 'inappropriate' controversy and the comments on it. I came to a conclusion. This is like kicking a sick dog around, isn't it? Fine, that's my own made-up idiom.. but I couldn't find a more suitable one to suit the occasion. People are bashing PK despite having other badass dramas more harmful to their children abound on air because it's already down with a poor rating. If the rating for PK is high, all these 'inappropriate for kids' comments won't even make a peep. Cowards.

The fangirl in me wanted to rant some more, but the reasonable adult side asked.. what's the point? It's not as if my rants are gonna raise the rating to the respectable level that I think it should earn by its 4th - 7th episode (at least 9 - 11%). The very low percentage makes some sense when you look at the real-time rating (link pasted here). Still, I'm really sad. If the insignificant fan, i.e. moi, is this sad.. how sad is our hardworking hyung-nim and the rest of the PK team at this inexplicable turnout?

I hope leader and the rest of the cast and production team will continue to work hard regardless of the the rating and regardless of whether the drama will be cut short by MBC. I will watch every episode as if it were the last episode to be aired. There's always that spin-off to look forward to. Spin-off via Youtube? I think that's a new concept, right? I've read about free movies that are available in online streaming sites, but never a drama spin-off. Sounds cool.

Playful Kiss FIGHTING!

Update Sept 8th from Haru Haru Subs:

#haru2subs Our Playful Kiss team is working really really hard to accomplish the subs for the show *kita harus lebih sabar nes*

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