Wednesday, September 22, 2010

[Preview] Playful Kiss / Mischievous Kiss Episode 7 long preview is finally out!

Wow, that takes such a long time. I've changed my mind about these long previews. I need it as a quick fix to my PK addiction.. :P

I keep wanting to kick Seung Jo's smug mug during the 'bottle clink' scene between him and He Ra.. and also when he said "Have a good life" to Hani.. arrrrrrgh! Frustrating bloke. Are guys all the same?? You could see very clearly that he doesn't want her to go. Ha! You're gonna regret letting her go.. Seung Jo, you brat!

Poor Hani.. moping about the Baeks house in a funk. I wish she'd get her sense of fun back in the next episode. I hate moping scenes to get stretched too long. At least Hani doesn't cry every 2 minutes like most of the k-drama heroins I watched before. That's a relief.

And how cute is it to see Eun Jo having a crush on that little girl? Just when I thought that kid can't possibly get any cuter.. hehe. I like Little Brother more than Big Brother.. definitely. Unfortunately, I also share the little girl's sentiment. With Seung Jo, it most probably will be a love at first sight for me too.. hmmm. Demmit. Why is the guy so cute despite all his obnoxiously smug antics??

Oh, somehow.. I kinda miss all the scolding scenes between him and Hani. His university self is so... quiet. Hani, please make more trouble for Seung Jo!

I give up. I can't hate Seung Jo no matter how bastardly he'll become later on. I think.

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