Monday, September 27, 2010

[Preview] Playful Kiss / Mischievous Kiss Episode 9 unsubbed long preview

TWO MORE DAYS to download! ...gyaaaaaaaaa *impatient*

Summary from the text translation in Soompi

Hani's babbling to herself about how it seems surreal that she's running with Seung Jo. (notice he's still grabbing her wrist the whole way)

Seung Jo thanks her for giving him new experiences. (which was what Yoon Ji Hoo told Jan Di too: Thanks to you I get to experience new things.. ooops, sorry for the sudden BOF comparison.. hehe)

O yeah, and Seung Jo & Hera totally knew about the Stalkers UNITE society mission at the movies.. ha!

Right after Hani said it's okay for Seung Jo to be with Hera if he likes her, he asked her where does she wanna go. (honestly, I have no idea how Seung Jo's brain is wired)

-Boat Scene-

Hani's babbling to herself about how it seems surreal that she's boating with Seung Jo. (notice he's the only one rowing)

Seung Jo then proceeds to tell her that any couple who boats there will break up within 6 months (thanks man, for telling it to her AFTER you got on the boat and not before.. o yeah, and it's totally alright coz you're not dating each other.. huh)

...and Hani promptly got them both to jump into the lake, clothes and all.

-The Confession Scene-

Hani's babbling to herself about how the food seems to taste better than any French or Italian food coz she's eating it with Seung Jo. (it's just burger, right?)

Seung Jo told her that he grabbed her coz she was the nearest. (yeah, right.. we believe you)

Philosohical BS courtesy of Genius Boy:
"In the past, I felt like nothing was difficult for me. But ever since you came, I feel like I am living in another world. There are always surprises and I guess you could say that it's an assignment with no answer. I think that it's a challenge that I have to solve; one that I can't avoid and have to figure out the answer to. I was overwhelmed because I didn't know how to solve it; so therefore for the time being I wanted to avoid it. But now, I'm not going to run away from it. If there isn't anything wrong with the problem, then there will be an answer. I'm going to try to figure out the answer."

...with Hani interjecting along the way and coming into the (natural) conclusion that Seung Jo has just proposed to her.

After Hani confessed about her liking him since forever and will try to be better for him, he asked her to prove her love by scoring her mid terms exam. (See! Is he her personal one-man learning institution/cheerleader team or what??)

-Scene with HaeRa & SeungJo-

Seung Jo and Hera spent a coupla minutes praising each others' brilliance before Seung Jo told Hera what Hani means to him... and (subtly, I might add) what Hera means to him.

-The Departure-

Hani moved into the Baeks house again (ANDWAEEEE! I don't like this storyline!)

Thanks to his epiphany about the world being the big bad planet he previously knew nothing about, Seung Jo wants to move out. (Ohhhh.. I don't think this is in the anime. Yeay! Hani's at his home and Seung Jo's gonna have his own apartment. What does that mean for their social life??)

I can't wait for the next episode!

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